VMware Malaysia is Bullish on Malaysian Digital Expansion

by Aron Raj, Journalist

DSA had a chat with Devan Parinpanayagam, VMware Malaysia Country Manager to get his insights on how VMware is doing in the Malaysian market. Having taken over as country manager less than a year ago, Devan's confident and optimistic replies clearly showed that VMware was heading in the right direction, but there were still a few challenges they faced.

"VMware is everywhere in Malaysia. Anyone with a data centre has VMware in Malaysia. The challenge today is talking to our customers about the other solutions we provide as well. From software-defined networking to cloud, my focus will be to continue to educate the customers. Our customers are so [accustomed to] what we used to do; we now educate them on what we can do as well."

Speaking about digital transformation in Malaysia, Devan said Malaysian businesses are in different parts of their journey, and VMware helps them achieve their digital vision. It is different for each customer, but it's relevant, and it is how VMware works with them individually to achieve their growth.

Standardisation and automation are what businesses need most in their journey. Devan added that some customers don't even use the cloud and are 100% on-premises. There are also customers who are almost 90% to 100% on the cloud and customers with multiple clouds. Regardless of their IT inclinations, VMware helps them manage their environments to keep their journey on track, playing on a whole spectrum of solutions for them.

"The digital workspace solution that we sell, Workspace One, is one of the best solutions we sell as a company. It is almost like our hidden jewel that when we share with customers, they get really excited about. I use Workspace One as an application that allows me not to carry a device wherever I go. I can use any device at home or work and access the same amount of information. That's the power of Workspace One. And this is what I spend a lot of time talking to CEOs and our customers about."

Devan echoes his CEO Pat Gelsinger's views that VMware is now focusing more on cloud, moving from a software company to a cloud company. The aim is to help companies, be it on hybrid cloud or multi-cloud. vSphere is the foundation of the business, and it is now transitioning.

"It is across industries, and there is an opportunity for each industry to try something, and I can tell you that all industries are looking at a certain way to deploy cloud. Every customer is unique, but the common thing is they are all looking for a cloud strategy. We are a cloud enabler, not a cloud provider."

When asked further about VMware's telco customers in Malaysia, Devan said that the telco companies are strong with VMware. They are in conversation with all the telco networks in Malaysia, and even with the mergers of two giant telco companies on the horizon in Malaysia, Devan said that business with the two remains at status quo.

Telcos have always had an infrastructure to provide services internally and an infrastructure to provide services externally whether for mobile, broadband, fibre, and so on. The direction that telcos are going to is a single infrastructure for both internal and external services. This goes in line with VMware's vision to provide a single network of cloud services, both internally and externally.

This single platform, Devan said, will be the foundation to build all services. With the implementation of 5G, this is ever more sought after not just by telcos but also VMware's other customers as well. By having a flexible infrastructure that leverages both private and public cloud, telcos will be more efficient, more automated and be able to provide services faster. There are a lot of services that already define 5G, and any new service can be deployed and run on this environment.

Having said that, Devan feels well assured that the Malaysian industries are eager to get on to the 5G bandwagon, and VMware is prepared to help them in any way possible.

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