VMware Looking to Continue with Acquisitions

by Aron Raj, DSA Journalist

Ragu Raghuram, COO, Products and Cloud Services, VMware

With VMworld highlighting VMware’s recent acquisitions, Ragu Raghuram, COO, Products and Cloud Services, VMware, explained further how these acquisitions would change and innovate VMware’s solutions. 

Ragu explained that Kubernetes is making cloud independent in the modern era. And interestingly, he said Pivotal is the best because it accelerates in this field, adding that Pivotal will complement VMware’s efforts. 

“Build, run and manage is our strategy to acquire Pivotal. Between Pivotal and Bitnami, we have more than 500 developers. We believe Kubernetes is paving the way forward. Hence, we have to own it to ensure we deliver the best solutions in the market.”

VMware focuses on looking at what its customers are struggling with and tries to solve those problems. Ragu pointed out that although VMware is a great infrastructure company, it is also looking to help developers. 

“Our goal is to make life simpler for developers. Pivotal has an excellent track record to do it. We will provide you with the tools you need to run fast. We want to run Kubernetes not just on vSphere but on any environment.”

On Carbon Black, Ragu explained that VMware aims to change the way security products cover only certain endpoints. Carbon Black is instrumental to each endpoint as it collects the signals from endpoints and applies Machine Learning and AI (in real-time) to understand the threat patterns and to detect threats, remediate and protect users. 

“We took the same approach we took with AppDefense, but that only covers data centres. Hence, we felt the combination with Carbon Black is a win. VMware has endpoints access, and we have millions of endpoints. In fact, collectively, we have the broadest endpoints, just by ourselves.”

He further explained that VMware wants to focus on beefing up the security capabilities in networking as network security and endpoint security are two big pillars in security. VMware will get a holistic picture of security, which is why they acquired Carbon Black. 

“We are synergistic in what we do. Our go-to-market strategy is we will offer Workplace ONE with Carbon Black. Eventually, we will put it all together to get the whole VMware portfolio. This is in line with our vision of using any application on any cloud on any device.”

When asked if VMware will continue with their acquisitions, Ragu said that VMware is building aggressively and will look to partner and definitely continue to buy. He concluded by saying that this will take time as the company will need time to digest and get the value of each potential acquisition or partnership. 

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