TM and VMware strengthen partnership with Project tGRID

About a decade ago, TM and VMware started on a journey to digitise TM infrastructure. The iGRID was TM’s private cloud that support their transformation journey. Years later, TM One and VMware continued working together and realised that the iGRID can be made available to TM customers. And thus, Project tGRID was conceptualised.

Project tGRID is a collaboration between TM ONE and VMware with the aim to transform TM’s current private cloud to an end to end TM ONE Cloud (project tGRID). It combines Public Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud deployment models to match the right workload to the right cloud environment.

This unified cloud platform is expected to enable next-generation innovation for Malaysian enterprises. Leveraging on VMware’s solutions, TM ONE Cloud services will also connect both its Standalone and Non-standalone 5G networks on a single cloud platform, ensuring a seamless and reliable 5G experience for enterprises and consumers.

In this briefing during the media launch, Sivan Umapathy, Chief Information Officer explained that the TM ONE Cloud is hosted in Malaysian Data Centre which is certified with International Standard Tier-III Data Centre, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Other capabilities include 64,000 VCPUs and storage up to 1.5 petabytes.

“For the longest time in the market, customers have been asking for a local cloud service provider. This is one of TM’s greatest achievement, which we are hoping will become a successful endeavour. We already have a line of customers who are waiting to come on board. They are waiting on the readiness. We have already gone through the security screening, and we’ll be announcing these customers in the new future,” said Sivan.

Having invested more than half a billion in their data centres, Ahmad Taufek Omar, CEO and Executive Vice President of TM ONE, added that the capabilities of TM Cloud ONE is also RMIT compliant by Bank Negara and will also address data residency issues. TM is also working with multiple partners to ensure all cybersecurity, regulations and compliance issues are met to the highest standards.

Devan Parinpanayagam, Country Manager for VMware Malaysia added, “What started off as a solution to benefit TM internally has now become something we realise that can be beneficial for TM’s customers as well. In our journey together, TM continues to leverage on VMware’s solutions, including our latest offering such as VMware Tanzu that will be explored by TM. TM has the future proof ready infrastructure that meets not only their IT requirements but can also leverage their customers requirement. It is a superhighway that is built for them which they can now offer to their customers.”

TM ONE Cloud services offerings include: -

  • Cloud Professional Services – consultation and professional services as well as advisory, migration, assessment, cloud roadmap design and migration.

  • Infrastructure as a Service – compute, storage, network, infrastructure, firewall and data centre space.

  • Platform as a Service – complete cloud-based platform for developing, running and managing applications.

  • Software as a Service – subscription-based services

  • Managed Cloud Services – single point of contact for customers as well as 24/7 phone and email support.

In a nutshell, TM ONE Cloud offers world-class solutions for Malaysian enterprises to accelerate digital and business transformation. It is the only enabler of a hyperconnected ecosystem for all requirements of a business’s digital journey.

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