Tandberg Data launched world’s first 2TB RDX data cartridge

Tandberg Data has introduced the world's first 2 terabyte (TB) RDX data cartridge to its family of RDX data protection solutions. This is the industry's highest capacity RDX cartridge and increases maximum single RDX cartridge capacity by 33%. The new RDX removable data cartridge expands the company’s family of RDX media for scalable backup, restore and archiving for SMEs.

The new 2TB RDX cartridge benefits the entire ecosystem of complementary RDX solutions from Tandberg Data. For example, with the new 2TB RDX cartridge, customers of the RDX QuikStation removable disk array now have the ability to increase the system's online capacity from 12TB to 16TB. Users of the BizNAS™ network-attached storage (NAS) appliance, which provides off-site disaster protection and bare metal recovery when attached directly to an RDX QuikStor, can protect even more data on fewer pieces of media with the new 2TB cartridge.

RDX is an easy-to-use data storage technology for backup, archive, disaster recovery, data transport and cloud seeding. Delivering higher capacities, faster throughput and lower cost when compared to low-end tape products, RDX is the perfect replacement for DAT and other aging tape technologies, optical disk and external HDD (hard disk drive) devices.

Customers can choose from a range of RDX cartridge capacities, including 320GB, 500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB or 2TB, and a range of rugged SSD (solid-state disk) RDX cartridges up to 512GB. Numerous vertical industries have adopted RDX removable disk technology, including retail, legal, education, health care, video, broadcasting, managed services and graphic design, to ensure that their data is fully protected for instant availability, easy transport and off-site storage.

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