StorReduce claims cloud storage reduction by up to 95 percent

Available on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Marketplace, StorReduce offers cloud native, on-cloud, on-demand global inline deduplication software for unstructured data stored in an object store, like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and OpenStack Swift. It reduces public cloud storage costs and / or the infrastructure required to set up private cloud typically by 50-95% for backups, archives, data from mobiles, social media and other big data where there is copying of the data, and general unstructured file data.
“StorReduce’s unique deduplication approach dramatically reduces the cost of storage in the cloud and makes large-scale storage on cloud in many instances, more affordable than on-premise tape and backup storage, even including migration cost,” says Vanessa Wilson, CEO of StorReduce.
StorReduce has cloud-native Amazon S3 and SWIFT interfaces, and therefore any data it migrates or deduplicates is stored in an on-cloud data lake, which can be natively accessed by any cloud service, such as Search, Hadoop or Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) for data mining and more, to maximize the data’s business value.
StorReduce software installs in private or public cloud in minutes and deduplicates data blocks inline with up to 600 MB/s throughput on reads and writes. It handles enterprise loads of up to 10 PB of data on a single instance and can be used on multiple clouds or a hybrid cloud environment.
“StorReduce’s fast throughput breaks new ground and enables much larger volumes of data (petabytes) to be migrated to cloud, reducing migration time from years to weeks and greatly reducing the cost,” says Hugh Emberson, CTO of StorReduce. “It’s also fast enough for on-cloud big data companies to use to decrease their cloud storage and also use data mining services like EMR or Hadoop in real time.”

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