Staying Relevant and Disrupting Businesses at Think Malaysia

Think Malaysia by IBM was held at the DoubleTree by Hilton recently. It is a gathering for the innovative, curious and the persistent who want to bridge gaps in society in terms of health, opportunity and technology. This years’ event saw over 300 leaders from numerous businesses attend to learn, understand and innovate their own businesses to the next level.

DSA was privileged to hear the thoughts of two experts in their fields while they were at the event. They were Martin Chee, VP Analytics for IBM Asia Pacific and the other was Andy Walls, IBM Fellow, CTO & Chief Architect, Flash Systems, IBM Systems.

Andy, who comes with 37 years of experience in the storage field, asked a pertinent question about storage. “Is storage sexy again?” With everything needing storage space to grow and adapt, Andy shared that the storage market has a lot to offer in terms or getting businesses to be relevant especially as the speed of business gets faster.

Sharing on the power that businesses can utilise from technology to keep up to speed with current trends, Andy spoke about how the F1 racing team, Red Bull, depends a lot on the complex synergy that occurs between all sections and divisions of a Formula 1 team. He adds that how a Formula one team operates isn’t very different from a regular business.

“In a Formula 1 race, we are talking about milliseconds that make a difference between winning and losing. If you’re not there to win, then there is no point being in the race. The same can be said for a regular business that’s always looking for that small edge over the competition or that little saving that can increase revenue. These are real-world problems that both the formula one team need to address, as well as other industries.”
Martin on the other hand, shared how businesses who have been around the block and back, need to learn to innovate their way of thinking and approach to how they wish to stay relevant. He shared that incumbents have a certain advantage over their newer counterparts.

“Today data is called the new oil. And these incumbents have been collecting that ‘oil’ for years. They just need to know the process to access that data and turn it into innovative ideas that will disrupt their business. If a technology company can disrupt an age old business of transporting people from point A to point B, there is no industry safe from disruption.”

Martin shares that there are a number of important steps in extracting data and making the data useful. Knowing where the data is, being able to access that data, sharing that data with the right people, securing the data from breach, and finding insights from the data. He added that IBM are capable of assisting the incumbents to make the changes necessary to become relevant in this disruptive age.

Think Malaysia was an experience in itself for those who attended. From Experiential Zones that let you play, see and immerse yourself into how AI and cognitive Supply Chain works, to the Innovation Theatre that shared how to work smarter for a better world through Digital Reinvention, Blockchain and AI and automation. Also on display were the Think Labs that stimulated the mind of participants as they experience simulated environments with business use cases to look at their Journey to AI, Digital Business Automation, Big Data as well as Blockchain.

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