Singapore Trade Minister Inaugurates Dell Technologies Global Innovation Hub, First-of-its-Kind Outside the US

The power of technology has shown us that businesses can continue to run smoothly amidst the pandemic and disruptions. With the investment in emerging technology, the Asia-Pacific and Japan region is poised for recovery and growth,” opened Amit Midha, President, APJ and Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies, at the inauguration of Dell’s Global Innovation Hub (GIH) in Singapore this week.

According to Amit, the opening of the GIH in Singapore is a symbol of innovation. The launch also signifies what Dell Technologies and Singapore can achieve together, strengthening the state’s talent dynamism and expanding its R&D capabilities.


In addition, Amit said that the GIH is launched under the initiative called ‘Digital Future - Made in Singapore’, which aims to fast-track the adoption of digital solutions and drive digital innovations developed in Singapore for the world.

To enable this, the GIH houses existing R&D facilities for the development of digital products and solutions, a hardware prototyping lab dedicated to product design and innovation and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Experience Zone – which will help organisations in the region.

To formally launch the Global Innovation Hub, Chan Chun Sing, Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry, was also present at the event. In his address, Chan said that this is a continuation of a strong partnership between Singapore and Dell Technologies over the past 25 years. The company plays a vital role in developing Singapore's ICT sector.

“The launch of Dell's Global Innovation Hub today is particularly timely as it complements two main trusts of Singapore's to emerge stronger in the COVID-19 pandemic. First, leveraging our digital capabilities to enhance our supply chain resilience. Second, innovating to support industry and workplace transformation,” said Chan.

This is because the establishment of the GIH has created more than 160 job opportunities in emerging technologies in Singapore, with the hiring process to be completed by this year. 

Chan said that the Singaporean government would continue to support and invest in such initiatives to ensure the country is able to distinguish itself on the global stage even amidst the pandemic. “I'm very heartened to know that Dell is continuously helping us to develop our digital-ready talent, beyond the hardware and software capabilities, as digital innovations need to be complemented by skilled talent,” Chan explained.

Eric Goh, Vice President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies, then took to the stage to further explain what the GIH could bring to the country, under the ‘Digital Future – Made in Singapore’ initiative.

Eric mentioned that the innovation hub is a first-of-its-kind outside of the United States. It not only focuses on advancing digital transformation in areas such as augmented/mixed reality, data analytics, cloud-native, cybersecurity and edge computing but also includes a specialised team dedicated to elevating user experiences.

Aside from this, Eric said that Dell Technologies would be equipping 3,000 fresh graduates, mid-career professionals and students in Singapore with practical knowledge and skills in cloud computing, data protection and management, data science and big data analytics over the next two years.

The establishment of GIH in Singapore is part of Dell Technologies’ investment of USD50 million over three years since 2019, with USD23 million to be invested this year. Supported by Digital Industry Singapore (DISG), these investments will go towards accelerating developments in digital experiences and R&D capabilities in the city-state.

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