Simple SetUp by Violin Memory enables industry leading setup time in enterprise storage

Violin Memory Inc, a global pioneer of all-flash storage platform solutions for primary storage and active workloads, has announced the availability of the Simple SetUp configuration tool, a software module that allows users to rapidly configure and initialise any Violin Memory Flash Storage Platform (FSP).

Simple SetUp solves an industry-wide challenge of extended setup times for powerful but often complex arrays, and speeds time-to-production.

"As IT managers and architects, our customers feel the pressure of helping their organisations move fast to keep their competitive edge," said Steve Dalton, senior vice president, Engineering for Violin Memory.

"Additionally, departmental budgets often prohibit making a purchase ahead of a demonstrated need, but once the requirement becomes acute, architects need to get new systems into production rapidly -- the clock is already ticking. Simple SetUp is designed to automate the go live process."

Due to the sophistication of enterprise storage infrastructures, the configuration options for most storage systems are diverse and complex.

For example, it can take four hours or more to configure competitive enterprise-class storage arrays. In addition, problem discovery and topology resolution in the initial setup and go-live phases can take hours.

In three simple steps, an IT generalist using Simple SetUp can configure multiple arrays without delays in scheduling the go-live phase.

This time-savings is significant in global multi-site data centre architectures where the system can be providing optimal performance, enterprise data services and cost-effective capacities in less than 30 minutes. Simple SetUp supports customised set-up information for any FSP according to data input by IT or departmental personnel.

Simple SetUp is just the launching point for a simple and intuitive management scheme for Violin Flash Storage Platforms.

Violin's management UI, Symphony, will complete the provisioning of the new array and becomes the ongoing management tool for customers, providing a simple and intuitive single 'pane of glass' for all the Violin arrays in an organisation's infrastructure.

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