Reduxio BackDating makes snapshots obsoletes and flash storage affordable

Reduxio Systems says its HX 550 Flash Hybrid storage system reduces the cost of high performance enterprise storage using BackDating – a technology that obsoletes snapshots, and simplifies deployment, provision and management of storage.
The Reduxio enterprise hybrid storage system provides IT managers and storage administrators flash performance while at the same time providing the necessary capacity. This allows users to consolidate applications to a system that is simple to deploy, easy to manage and allows applications to be recovered at the granularity of a single second.
"Systems limited to committing data writes to a single media type are far too unwieldy and/or expensive," said Mark Weiner, Reduxio's CEO and co-founder. He says Reduxio's Flash Hybrid architecture prioritizes a customer's most important data and commit to the most appropriated media.
At the core of the new hybrid system is the Reduxio Time which uses a new metadata architecture that tracks all input/output (IO) operations to the storage and free volumes from the bounds of physical storage.
"Backdating helps raise the bar for application recovery in terms of granularity and ease of management. Its automatic and always-on nature will simplify user processes and workflows," said Scott Sinclair, analyst, ESG.

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