Red Hat Forum ASEAN 2021 Focuses on Opening Perspectives to Accelerate Innovation in the Hybrid World With Open-Source Technologies

People are changing the way they live, work, and transact. Businesses have had to rethink their processes and technologies in order to meet new demands and remain competitive. To help enterprises adapt to these changes, the theme of this year’s Red Hat Forum centred on opening their perspective towards embracing new ways of thinking and working.

By fostering deeper collaboration, Red Hat Forum hopes to broaden perspectives on how an open hybrid cloud can help enterprises discover new solutions and tools to innovate, create new business models, and chart a path for a digital future – especially in this era of digital transformation.

According to Red Hat's recent State of Enterprise Open-Source report, infrastructure modernisation is the most common enterprise open-source software application. This figure is rising, with 64% of businesses citing it as a top use case, up from 53% two years ago. As more businesses migrate to the cloud, it is critical for businesses to develop the ability to run applications across environments without rebuilding applications, retraining employees, or maintaining disparate environments. This is made possible by an open hybrid cloud, which provides the speed and agility required for a more flexible cloud experience, thereby speeding up digital business transformation.

“Building a hybrid cloud involves many factors. For example, blending services from multiple public clouds, while integrating this into existing data centre infrastructures and on-prem workloads. All of this requires new skills, tools, and strategies but, ASEAN has always been adaptable despite challenging headwinds. Southeast Asia continues to be an engine of growth in APAC,” said Josep Garcia, VP & GM, Asian Growth and Emerging Markets (GEMs), Red Hat.

In fact, Josep stated that Red Hat is seeing a surge in these four areas in Southeast Asia:

  • Automation adoption: Automation adoption is increasing in order to increase efficiency and as part of digital transformation efforts.

  • Container momentum grows: Fast digital channel innovation for FSI, application modernisation, 5G; shifts away from virtualisation

  • Shift to multi-cloud: The shift to multi-cloud necessitates the use of multi-cloud management solutions.

  • Vertical segment growth: The financial services, telecommunications, and public sectors have a strong momentum to launch digital solutions and services.

Driving Business Innovation With Open-Source

Marjet Andriesse, General Manager and Vice President in Asia Pacific, Red Hat, further discussed digital transformation in the new world and how enterprises can effectively use new technologies and open-source to drive this change.

“The pandemic has encouraged investment in cloud infrastructure, and more enterprises are adopting open-source technology in their organisations. With this year’s Red Hat Forum event, we are excited to share how enterprises can challenge boundaries and leverage open-source to further drive digital transformation through innovation, while increasing resilience. The virtual format ensures we can reach a wider audience and continue driving open-source adoption by cross-pollination of ideas, success stories and insights,” said Marjet.

In addition, with many organisations looking to migrate to the cloud, open-source plays a critical role in ensuring a successful cloud journey. According to Red Hat’s report, 83% of IT leaders believe enterprise open-source is critical to their organisation's ability to leverage cloud architectures. And, 86% of IT leaders agree that the most innovative companies use enterprise open-source.

Based on the report, these statistics speak to the larger story of enterprise open-source and open-source software in general. It's not about being less expensive than proprietary software or being "good enough" in terms of technology. It is about organisations and individuals working together to invent the future.

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