Red Hat and Partners Committed to Building the Platform of Today and Tomorrow

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our coverage throughout 2018, it is that for so many Southeast Asian businesses, digital transformation is no longer an option. It has become a necessity. Organisations know they have to embrace change and be able to adapt to the new market reality, whatever it may be. This need to ensure that their IT is agile enough to configure for change has meant that companies are turning towards modern, highly flexible and scalable technologies such as hybrid cloud, container platforms, automation, and rely more and more on software-defined infrastructure.
Open source proponents like Red Hat believe we’re now reaching a golden age for open source platforms as these open, community-based technologies accelerate innovation and hold the key to unlocking the full potential of digital transformation. At the 2018 Red Hat APAC Partner Conference, to which DSA has been invited and is currently attending, Red Hat is embarking on a slew of reinforcements to strengthen its commitment to not only connect Red Hat's partner ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region, but also provide the necessary knowledge and expertise for them to grow their business together with Red Hat.
In doing so, the partners have helped Red Hat to become the world’s leading provider of open source solutions - in line with the event theme “Stronger Together”. As testament to the rapid growth and acceptance of open source software, as well as Red Hat’s own growth in stature, Dirk-Peter Van Leeuwen, Red Hat’s Senior Vice President & General Manager of APAC, shared that Red Hat’s revenue has grown by almost a billion dollars in just two years (from $2.05b in 2016 to 2.9b in 2018), number of global employees crossing the 12,000 mark and new APAC offices popping up in locations like Perth, Bangalore, Wellington, Bangkok and soon, Manila.
“We have experienced very fast growth because of our partners and obviously, we believe that open source is driving all the disruption and innovation that we’re currently confronted with. Because if it wasn’t for open source, innovation couldn’t be at the speed it is. Given the fact there’s no intellectual property, everybody can see and build upon everybody’s ideas, innovation can exponentially take off. And that’s really how open source plays such an important role in the disruption,” he said.
This year, the Red Hat Partner Conference is held in beautiful Bali, Indonesia from 10-12 July. We will provide more coverage as the event continues. Here we share a few highlights from the first day’s proceedings.


Opening keynote address by Red Hat APAC Senior VP & General Manager Full house: Over 300 attendees inclusive of Red Hat partners, distributors, system integrators, ISVs, OEMs and solution providers
Requirements for the platforms of tomorrow "Most technical talk of the day" by Frank Feldmann, Red Hat VP of APAC Office of Technology
Sandra NG of IDC talks about partner monetisation in the DX economy The conference provides a platform for partners to exchange ideas, spark meaningful discussions, and network directly with Red Hat leaders and the partner ecosystem
Press conference by execs from Red Hat, with partners, Deloitte, Fujitsu and NTT Data Red Hat's Josep Garcia, VP of Channel Partners & Alliances, addresses members of the media
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