Red Hat To Accelerate Digital Transformation and Innovation, The Open Source Way

According to Red Hat, open source is leading the way for innovation and is increasingly being seen as a default choice for enterprises in Malaysia as well as the region. As rapid application development becomes a necessity, ASEAN companies are looking towards open source platforms to enable them to keep up with the evolving technology landscape.

Speaking at a media briefing in conjunction with the 2017 Red Hat Forum held in Kuala Lumpur, Damien Wong, Vice President and General Manager at Red Hat ASEAN said that technology is undoubtedly one of the key issues faced by enterprises in region. Technology-fuelled innovation is disrupting traditional industries and as a result, enterprises are no longer competing with traditional players, but with non-traditional players, or the digital disruptors.

Businesses that haven’t modernised their application, architecture and infrastructure to support digital business will fall further behind and the longer they wait, the harder it will be for them to catch up with new business entrants and fast-moving competitors.

Damien shared that though every organisation has its own unique set of needs and obstacles when it comes to their digital transformation journey, Red Hat has noted three common challenges amongst its customers across various industries.

The challenges, based on a survey conducted by Red Hat, are:
·         Developing a cloud strategy that complements the business (52%)
·         Building new applications quickly (42%)
·         Optimising and modernising existing IT (39%)

On the question of why companies should opt for open source solutions, Damien said, “Open source solutions offer obvious benefits such as faster innovation, lower cost of development and thereby lower cost of ownership. But when you talk about IDC’s third platform for digital transformation, social media, mobility, computer analytics, cloud computing, and other technologies like IoT and machine learning and AI, they all came from open source innovation. And it’s precisely these innovations that are creating disruptive business models.”

Damien pointed out that Red Hat is a strong participant and proponent of open source innovation and over the years, the innovation fostered by open source technologies and communities has far surpassed the innovation from their closed source, proprietary counterparts. He added, “So what do you do if you wanted to become a digitally transformed organisation? Obviously, you would look at where the innovation is coming from and tap into that innovation.”

As further evidence of the company’s commitment to innovation, Red Hat recently launched its first Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in the Asia-Pacific region in Singapore. This initiative allows Red Hat to provide their customers with the technologies, methods and skills to accelerate their business initiatives and catalyse innovation by working collaboratively with Red Hat experts, either at the new physical lab in Singapore, or in a pop-up lab at a customer’s site or third-party site.

In addition to its location in Singapore, Red Hat also has physical Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in Boston and London.

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