Qsan TrioNAS LX U300 targets SMBs with enterprise ambitions

Taiwan-based Qsan Technology says its TrioNAS LX U300 series brings enterprise-class storage features within the financial reach of SMBs, helping them to effectively manage their IT infrastructures with minimum effort. The U300 unified storage systems allow one-box access to both file and block storage, typically over Ethernet networks or Fibre Channel (FC). Qsan TrioNAS LX U300 supports file storage via CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV and block storage over Fibre Channel and iSCSI. The U300 provides better data protection without any performance penalty and offers Enterprise-grade features including SSD-caching, deduplication and thin-provisioning without extra charge. It also offers extreme scalability by allowing users to deploy over 1 PetaByte via the unique J100 expansion units.
Qsan's NAS products are designed to fulfill the requirements of SMB organisations and the product line features both TrioNAS LX and TrioNAS versions, to meet the demand of enterprise-level and SMB users through the use of iSCSI and SMB data sharing applications. The U300 storage arrays are mid-range solutions with module controller design and scale-up capabilities, with a balanced set of product features – as outlined above - and affordable cost, allowing SMBs to benefit from a near-enterprise storage solution with no pressure on management or budget requirements.
Unlike many other entry-level NAS vendors, the TrioNAS uses enterprise-level ZFS file systems to ensure data consistency and avoid the file system crashes which are common in many legacy Linux EXT4-based NAS solutions.
Qsan’s TrioNAS LX U300 offers seamless integration with Windows Active Directory (including multiple domains) and LDAP. The patent-pending Unified AUTH empowers TrioNAS LX to provide superior manageability by leveraging existing Windows Active Directory server: this allows across the board management from one administration point, increasing ease of use.
All data in the U300 is monitored, allowing IT managers to record any access activities (newly added, modified and deleted) of all users’ accounts. The system’s immediate availability also allows users to instantly start using its storage pool without waiting for RAID configuration, unlike competing solutions.
The TrioNAS LX U300 is available with base unit on U300-P10 (7x1GbE, 16GB ECC memory) with optional upgrade flexibility on memory (Up to 32GB ECC memory) and host interface card (Either 10Gb iSCSI or 8G FC). Form factors are available in 3U16bay and 4U24bay.
Learn more about TrioNAS and Unified Auth. Watch the video below.

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