Oracle OpenWorld Asia: Focusing on the ABCDs of Tech to Counter the Exponential Growth of Business Innovations and Technology

After making pit-stops in London and Dubai earlier this year, the Oracle OpenWorld event finally reached Asian shores for the first time.

The Asia leg of the Oracle OpenWorld held in Singapore definitely saw the biggest turnout yet for this year. In fact, in the weeks running up to the event, Oracle had to suspend online registrations due to overwhelming demand – a testament to the significant growth that the enterprise IT sector the region is seeing.

The two-day event was about exploring how companies can do more with their data and business applications and adopt new technologies in order to improve how they currently do things, while also putting one foot into the future. As the many speakers took to the stage during the keynote sessions and presentations, most touched on how today’s businesses face the challenge of coping with the increasing speed of technology advancements that have moved from being linear to exponential.

As Oracle shifts from a product company to a service company, it is now dedicated to helping businesses to leverage the cloud for growth and innovation.
Why cloud? Over the years, the importance of the cloud has been growing tremendously and now it’s safe to say that the technology has reached a level of maturity, adopted by increasing numbers of local, regional and global companies across many different industries in Asia. According to Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President, Oracle Applications Product Development, “The enablement of the cloud puts us in a position to not only address these advancements today, but be ready for the increasing speed of technology components going forward.”

Steve mentioned that there’s also a bigger shift occurring in terms of the business innovations coming from companies that are looking to disrupt, prevent from being disrupted, as well as companies that feel the pressure from customers to deliver more, faster. As companies look to ride this wave of exponential change, he said the applications or the underlying tools that they use must not be a hindrance or barrier that slows them down.

“That speed of business change and innovation is the new norm that all of us experience today. The capabilities that we provide in terms of business applications can’t be the impediment. Your business systems need to act and react at the speed in which your business environment and technology environment exist today,” he said.

Digital transformation meant that businesses today have a lot to worry about, constantly. This was pointed out by Loic Le Guisquet, President of Oracle for EMEA, APAC and Japan, who said that businesses today have to always “worry, anticipate, think and be ready” to handle things like security breaches, costs based on the sheer volume of transactions, users (internal and external), and data, as well as to keep a competitive edge against competitors.

To help businesses deal with the complexities, alleviate their worries and help them manage this digital age, he said Oracle has been spending $5 billion annually on R&D to stay ahead of the technology and innovation curve. As such, the focus of the Oracle OpenWorld was mainly on the four ABCDs of today’s emerging tech, namely Autonomous/Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Intensity. He especially singled out AI as a critical technology that Oracle is embedding into most of its solutions to help customers automate their day-to-day tasks and processes.

Lastly, Loic also took time to comment on how the APAC region is now leading the way in the adoption of these emerging technologies. He said, “This is a vibrant region. There’s no wonder why this region will lead the world in the next decade. For me, it’s an obvious statement. You have embraced these new technologies and solutions in the cloud like no other region has.”

Over the period of two days, Oracle OpenWorld had thousands of educational sessions led by over 6,000 customers and partners sharing their experiences with hundreds of demos and hands-on labs as well as exhibitions from more than 400 global partners and customers. Here we include a few photos to give you a feel of the going-ons at Asia’s very first Oracle OpenWorld conference.

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