Oracle Cloud Solution Hub to Help SMEs Expand Their Digital Journey

Oracle Malaysia has launched the Oracle Cloud Solution Hub in Kuala Lumpur to help organisations, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), understand how they can harness emerging technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and Autonomous Databases to drive business value and growth.

Following the establishment of Oracle’s digital hub in September 2017, the new cloud solution hub is expected to drive growth further and developed to include a regional technical cloud centre focused on delivering industry 4.0 solutions. There will be up to 150 experienced and highly trained cloud consultants for the new facility.
Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Darell Leiking said Oracle’s Cloud Solution Hub in Kuala Lumpur is a clear sign of confidence from multinational companies (MNCs) in the robust potential of Malaysia’s economic growth.
“We want to welcome more cloud solutions to set up their hub in Malaysia. This synergy between Malaysians and non-Malaysians will bring something new to Malaysia. Our colleagues in the south have done it well. We need to bring in more talent, and this is one of the ways it can be done.”
Fitri Abdullah, managing director of Oracle Corporation Malaysia, said, “If you look at SMEs, they are perfect for using cloud service as they have budget constraints and lack IT personnel to run their own IT. If you look at many new successful companies like Grab, they are all born in the cloud. They run all their operations on the cloud. I think for SMEs in Malaysia; it is important for them to adopt a cloud strategy in going forward and we are willing to work with them closely on a win-win proposition.”
Cherian Varghese, Regional Managing Director & Vice President, ASEAN and SAGE, Oracle added, “The cloud is made for SMEs because the entry levels are very low, and the price points are very attractive. You don’t need any skill sets to start with except for your business skills. Looking at all the 20 countries under me, the SME growth is substantial, and we do believe that cloud is made for SMEs in a very big way.”
He added that Oracle looks for a place that has an abundance of talent and Malaysia fits their criteria. “Malaysia graduates are on par with the best. Their ability to come onboard, adapt to the changes and deliver output is very fast. We’ve seen that over the last two years. We believe in technological opportunities, and that’s how we continue to invest.”
For businesses who have yet to experienced industry 3.0, they need not worry as well as they can skip the basics and go straight on to the next step. Cherian said we are in an era where there might be a skip of Industry 3.0. Businesses will leapfrog.
“The moment your county is ready for 5G, businesses will leapfrog. This is because every single service will be out of your hands. As citizens of the world, we do believe that the next era of exponential growth will be mind-blowing. The growth is rapid.”

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