Nutanix claims first hyper-converged all flash appliance with CDP

Self-proclaimed hyper-converged vendor Nutanix launched the NC-9000 appliance calling it the industry's first all-flash hyper-converged platform, offering scale-out storage for applications that demand exceptionally fast performance. 
It also announced a continuous data protection offering called Metro Availability which uses synchronous mirroring of datastores to create virtual machine clusters across two or more sites located up to 400km apart. The vendor claims that all functionality is natively integrated into Nutanix software, and supported across all Nutanix platforms with no hardware changes.
Like other software-defined storage vendors, Nutanix claims its software-based solution solves the problem of vendor lock-in when buying proprietary hardware – a.k.a. IBM, EMC, NetApp, HDS, HP etc. It also addresses the limitations of deeply virtualized integrated solutions like Cisco’s UCS or EMC’s VCE.
The new NX-9000 appliance is built to run applications with large working sets, such as databases supporting online transaction processing (OLTP). These applications need exceptionally fast storage performance, but also demand predictable and consistent l/O latency that flash can deliver. Flash capacity is optimized using Nutanix’s scale-out compression and de-duplication technologies that leverage unused compute resources across all nodes in the cluster, avoiding performance bottlenecks common in both traditional storage and all-flash arrays that depend on dual-controller designs.
Unlike all-flash arrays (AFAs), the NX-9000 delivers efficient storage resources and lowers operational complexities and costs. Specifically, Nutanix provides true scale-out storage (Nutanix claims that a single datastore can be scaled linearly without upper limits). The vendor also claims that on its hyper-converged implementation, data is localized for each application so that read requests are handled directly by server-attached flash, avoiding read-heavy traffic and network latency inherent in the deployment of all-flash arrays.
Nutanix also says its approach to flash delivers high performance for all applications and all I/O sizes, eliminating uncertainty when provisioning storage for different workload types.

The new NX-9000 demonstrates the flexibility of the Company’s web-scale architecture by delivering the right hardware resources for any workload, including different levels of compute and storage capacity, as well as the best storage technology and networking configuration for every deployment. And unlike other hyper-converged solutions, Nutanix does not force customers to accept a ‘one size fits all’ solution.
The NX-9000 all-flash hyper-converged system starts with a price tag of US$110,000 per node. Metro Availability will be included in the Nutanix Operating System version 4.1 Ultimate Edition.

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