Nimble Storage raises flash gauntlet with Adaptive Flash Challenge

Nimble Storage is openly inviting (more like challenging) enterprise storage buyers to experience the performance of the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform. The challenge includes side-by-side evaluations, Nimbus versus competitors, with the goal of laying to rest which solution can deliver on the performance and scalability on flash-only storage boxes.
Nimbus is, of course, seeing the rising demand for flash-only solutions while recognizing the perceived limitation of the technology when it comes to ability to scale, without dropping on the performance metric. IDC estimates the all flash array market at US$11.3 billion in 2014.
"Vendors are aggressively flash optimizing their offerings to provide improved performance, longer endurance, higher reliability, and a lower effective cost per gigabyte," said Eric Burgener, Research Director, Storage Systems, IDC. "The most successful vendors will be those that can make a smooth transition from the traditional, dedicated application model to mixed workload consolidation."
Flash-only storage systems claim to deliver on performance, but remain cost-prohibitive and ultimately fall short in addressing the capacity requirements of enterprise-wide applications and workloads. When selecting all-flash storage systems for a subset of applications that require high performance and sub-millisecond latency, enterprises are forced to create incremental storage silos that ultimately result in higher cost, complexity and risk for their organization.
Unlike flash-only storage systems, the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform is engineered to meet or exceed performance requirements of enterprise-wide workloads by delivering up to 500,000 IOPS and sub-millisecond latency, while also offering capacity efficiency, superior data protection and radically lower complexity and cost – all within a single platform.
Nimble says participation in the Adaptive Flash Challenge is open to any enterprise IT organization that is willing to evaluate an all-flash storage solution side-by-side with the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform. Terms and conditions do apply.
“Any organization that is considering flash-only storage products owes it to themselves to take the Adaptive Flash Challenge,” said Dan Leary, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Nimble Storage. “We want these organizations, both large and small, to know that they do not need to create incremental storage silos to realize the performance and capacity required to manage a broad range of workloads – a common compromise brought on by flash-only vendors. We are extremely confident in lining our Adaptive Flash platform up against any of the flash-only vendors in the marketplace.”

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