New Name, New Country Manager, New Partnership Tec D Announce Malaysia Partnership With Nutanix at Raya Open House

Coincidences can sometimes be a good sign. If that’s true, then the announcement that Tec D Malaysia has signed a distribution agreement with Nutanix is full of good omens.

Monday saw the announcement that the Malaysian entity of the Tech Data global distribution company had changed its name in Malaysia to Tec D. At around the same time, Nutanix Malaysia announced the appointment of Avinash Gowda as their new country manager. Less than 48 hours later, we joined a Hari Raya open house with both companies announcing their new partnership.

           Mano Govindaraju

Tec D Malaysia Managing Director Mano Govindaraju explained that he had previously worked at Gartner and that they rated Nutanix as a leader in the HCI space.

Mano said that the two companies have a great global relationship, but locally, the reason for this partnership is that Nutanix is a leader, and Tec D understands how to work effectively with market leaders. At the same time, both companies are focused on building solutions for businesses operating under the demands of digitalisation.

To that end, Mano told us that in the coming years, 25% of data would be processed outside the central data centre, and Nutanix is a key technology in enabling that movement. Both companies are ahead of the curve in helping their clients build the infrastructure to manage this movement where data is created, processed and stored.

                Avinash Gowda

Avinash Gowda, kicking off his third day with Nutanix and doing his first public engagement since joining the company, told us how Nutanix is passionate about helping companies derive massive efficiencies in their data infrastructure. They do this by moving companies away from traditional three-tier infrastructures, but they can’t do it without partners, which is why the announcement with Tec D is so important.

The opportunity for Nutanix in Malaysia is enormous. Many companies are only just starting to modernise, and that creates significant opportunities for partnerships. Working with Tec D will give Nutanix better reach through a partner ecosystem to evangelise the message to companies that need to modernise their IT infrastructure.

Nutanix has one of the best net promoter scores in the world (a metric that shows deep customer satisfaction); that’s why Avinash feels he wants to expose the benefits to more companies across Malaysia. He intends to work with Tec D and its base of partners to make sure more Malaysian companies get the chance to understand how Nutanix can prepare their infrastructure to cope with the demands of digital and data-driven business models.

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