Network complexity and bandwidth key customer challenges says Brocade survey

The annual survey of Brocade channel partners highlight the opportunity for the channel to take on more strategic consultancy roles to global organisations on software networking, virtualisation and cloud.
In 2014 customers saw challenges around managing network complexity (47 percent) and meeting data centre bandwidth and availability requirements (41 percent). As virtualisation continues to make inroads into the datacentre, Brocade says it plans to invest in providing the building blocks for cloud offerings so that partners can deliver networking solutions covering both cloud and on-premise solutions.
Brocade partners said software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualisation will be areas of investment among 80 percent of surveyed resellers over the next 12 months.
Jason Nolet, Brocade VP of Switching, Routing and Analytics products says social, mobile, cloud and big data are imposing new requirements on the infrastructure and many are not designed to cope with the new demands. Not surprisingly Brocade is advocating investing in future-proofed technologies that automated management of networks in order to reduce complexity, network layers and manual configuration tasks.

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