NetApp Private Storage delivered via Amazon Web Services

NetApp Private Storage for AWS is an enterprise storage solution that utilizes AWS Direct Connect to provide its customers the ability to establish a dedicated network connection from their existing infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The service offering will enable organizations to replicate data hosted on-premise NetAp storage hardware into the cloud via AWS Direct enterprises.  

  • Access big data analytics: Leverage NetApp Private Storage along with Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) to accomplish big data analysis at a fraction of the cost of running on premise.
  • Gain cost-effective data protection: Deploy cost-effective disaster recovery by leveraging Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) in failover scenarios. Leverage tiered disk backup and recovery using Amazon Glacier as a more reliable alternate to a tape archive.
  • Support for high performance NFS and CIFS: Easily move traditional enterprise applications to the cloud.
  • Support for secure synchronous or asynchronous data replication: Seamlessly move data between AWS regions, increasing application redundancy.
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