Nakivo v5.7 now features repository encryption for greater security

VM backup vendor Nakivo has updated its Backup & Replication to version 5.7 adding support for vSphere 6, including support for Virtual Volumes (VVols), VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) 2.0.
Version 5.7 (v5.7) adds Backup Repository Encryption feature which enables customers to choose to encrypt the entire backup repository to ensure backup data security. When enabled v5.7 will encrypt the repository destination (using ecryptfs for folders and cryptsetup (crypt-md) in LUKS mode for devices/partitions) prior to creating the backup repository. If the encrypted backup repository is imported in another instance of the product, the encryption password will be required to import the repository.
Backup & Replication is VMware-certified, agentless, and can be deployed on both Linux and Windows in a matter of minutes. It features a simple and intuitive Web UI, the product can backup and replicate VMware VMs onsite, offsite, and to private/public clouds.
It supports live applications and databases, instantly recovers VMs, files, and application objects directly from compressed and deduplicated VM backups, speeds up data transfer with network acceleration, and reduces data size with deduplication and compression.

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