MapR now supports SAS for Hadoop

MapR Technologies has extended its support for SAS.  Joint customers can now benefit from the interoperability between SAS technologies and MapR Distribution including Hadoop. The collaboration provides advanced analytics with ease of data preparation and integration with legacy systems, assurance of Service Level Agreements, and security and data governance compliance. Joint customers can now cost-effectively grow their big data storage infrastructure without relying on storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS).
The collaboration makes available the full scope of technologies in the SAS portfolio, including SAS LAS Analytic Server, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS High-Performance Analytics, and SAS Data Loader for Hadoop. Complete MapR integration delivers security and full POSIX compliance for use in “share everything architectures,” as well as enables SAS Visual Analytics to easily and securely access all data. With SAS Data Loader for Hadoop, users can prepare, cleanse and integrate data inside MapR for improved performance and then load that data in-memory into SAS LASR for visualization or analysis, all without writing code.
“The combined SAS and MapR offerings provide joint customers increased flexibility to use the power of advanced analytics in a Hadoop environment. SAS continues to invest in developing our High Performance capabilities with Hadoop vendors to ensure customers get the most value out of all their data,” said David Shamlin, senior director of Research & Development at SAS.
For its part, MapR Technologies’ senior director of business development, Steve Campbells says “MapR provides a reliable data store that removes the need for joint customers to rely on SAN or NAS for expansion. This unique benefit provides a compelling solution for SAS users and we look forward to continuing to grow the number of customers deploying Hadoop environments for big data analytics.”
The MapR Distribution supports major and emerging Apache Hadoop projects with an enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses.

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