Malaysian organisations accelerating transformation journey with VMware

Around 600 customers, new and old, as well as partners of VMware, attended VMware Evolve at Kuala Lumpur. The one-day event highlighted VMware’s latest offerings in the industry as well as saw customers share their digital transformation journey with VMware.

Devan Parinpanayagam, VMware Malaysia Country Manager, lauded the Malaysian government’s announcement at Budget 2020 in its vision to promote digital growth as well as the national fibernisation initiative. Devan pointed out the VMware shares the same vision with the government when it comes to helping local organisations in their digital journey.

“VMware has gone beyond just being a virtualisation company. Our goal is to help companies in their digital journey no matter what stage of the journey they’re at. We believe we can help Malaysia gain back its status as an Asian Tiger as mentioned by the Prime Minister.”

With local partners CTC and IGS, Devan added they are already seeing tremendous growth in the country, and there is potential for more growth as well. Echoing Devan was Sanjay Deshmukh, Vice President & Managing Director, South East Asia and Korea at VMware. He pointed out that the Malaysian market is important in the region because of its growth.

“The future for companies is in hybrid multi-cloud. We want to map customers and bring them towards this. From a digital workspace side, we can transform their workforce.”

Digital transformation is happening in every industry. Sanjay explained that if you look at any digital initiative, you will find four elements which are applications, digital infrastructure, smart devices and people.

For a complete transformation journey, organisations will have to look at applications as the foundation of their transformation efforts. These applications need to be powered by digital infrastructure, which is integral in any part of the transformation.

Organisations will look towards using more smart devices and depend on how people are embracing the digital transformation. 

“VMware can do this as our approach and vision is to build, run, manage, connect and protect any application on any device on any cloud. These are the different capabilities we have and can address for our customers.”

VMware acquired companies like Pivotal (manage), AVI Networks (connect) and Carbon Black (protect) to strengthen its position and offering in the industry as well, which is clearly an indication that the company is serious in the role its going to play in the industry. At the same time, we asked VMware how some of these modern technologies like Kubernetes are being applied in this part of the world.

Interestingly, both Devan and Sanjay explained to us the organisations are seriously looking into building, running and managing their apps on a Kubernetes platform.

“There are organisations in Malaysia that are running Kubernetes. The next wave of customers is going to do the same thing as well. We are starting to see this in Malaysia. It is no longer a science project. Kubernetes is becoming mainstream.”

Looking at the region, Sanjay pointed out organisations are either modernising existing applications or building new applications. We are seeing more organisations building microservices and containers managed by Kubernetes. At the same time, companies are also modernising existing applications through VMware’s offerings with Pivotal.

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