King of Data Protection Veritas Targeting Cloud Relevance Through Complexity Abstraction for Data Availability, Protection and Insights

The pursuit of digital transformation has resulted in a steady rise in infrastructure complexity, said Veritas Technologies Managing Director for the Asia South Region, Ravi Rajendran, as businesses today have to contend with not only traditional and new modern workloads as well as rising virtual and multi-cloud deployments.
Ravi spoke during the opening keynote session at the Veritas Vision Executive Forum held in Bali, Indonesia, where the data services company hopes to bring to life its portfolio of business solutions in Asia South region since its brand refresh back in June. This personalised forum is also the first edition of the consolidated version of the event for the whole of ASEAN region, where attendees are able to engage with Veritas experts and learn more about the Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP).
Instead of having disparate, siloed approaches to manage all of their data across different environments, Ravi said Veritas’s mission has been to help businesses optimise and simplify IT in the face of accelerating data growth, through Veritas EDSP, in three areas that matter most: Availability, Protection and Insights (API). Moreover, Ravi touched on the rising ransomware and regulatory challenges that businesses in the region are facing which are propelling them to take data protection and management much more seriously in recent years.
Also present during the morning session was Chris Lin, Veritas Senior Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan, who elaborated further on the three areas Ravi mentioned, and how from the perspective of Veritas, it’s about helping customer solve their most pressing data-related problems. He went on to explain that for Veritas, Availability is about enabling 24/7 business across data centres and clouds, Protection means giving organisations the ability to deliver both granular and at-scale recovery across any environment or workload, while Insights isn’t just about knowing what data an organisation has, but also cost and compliance optimisation across data and infrastructure.
Chris pointed out one interesting reality of today’s enterprises - very rarely do they have a homogeneous, single IT environment. To solve any complexity issues, you would think that businesses could simply migrate their whole IT operations to the latest technologies such as to virtual environments or the cloud, but in practice, he said it’s not that simple. Chris added that the majority of enterprises that have been around for a long time, especially the larger enterprises, “are still running on the traditional environment, and those applications running on the traditional environment tend to be the most mission-critical applications”. For many of those companies, that is where the core of their businesses lie.
Speaking to the IT professionals in the crowd, Chris said, “Your job is to serve your company, and you want something to be simple, and yet is able to solve for complexity. We believe that abstraction of complexity is the way to go.”
Focusing on the three areas of API again, Chris explained that the Veritas vision for Availability is the complete infrastructure abstraction so that organisations are able to have their applications always up and running regardless of the underlying environment (physical, virtual or cloud), “whether it’s Oracle or VMware environment. It can support OpenStack, Docker, Nutanix, most of the public clouds, and we’re also starting to support local clouds.”
When it comes to data protection, Chris said Veritas has proven its ability as the “king of data protection” over the years, being number one in market share in the backup and recovery software space, named leader in Gartner’s MQ 14 years in a row in that data centre backup and recover solutions and serving 99% of Fortune 100 companies.
Veritas’ main underlying platform or pillar for data protection, the NetBackup, Chris said has evolved tremendously both in terms of adding advanced features and simplicity to now be able to, as a single solution, cover most of the data protection requirements within an organisation.
Last but not least, Chris talked about the importance for businesses to be able to use a single point of clarity to gain Insights across their entire data centre, and Veritas provides that to its customers through data visualisation, enterprise archiving, e-discovery and analytics technologies. At the end of the day, he added that the solution that businesses employ should give them visibility and a level of control to make sure they know what data they have, what their environment looks like, where the data is located and that they are able to meet regulatory requirements.
Cloud relevance is something that Veritas has been pushing for, and Chris believes that Veritas has the scale, resources and a lot of “good and practical solutions” to help companies on their journey to cloud, applying the API capabilities to hybrid or multi-cloud environments and making them work seamlessly.

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