Investing in people and nations – and then to Infinity and Beyond!

Anita Lim, Country General Manager for Enterprise Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Malaysia

DSA sat down with Ms. Anita Lim, Country General Manager for Enterprise Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Malaysia, following a rousing opening speech for the HPE Innovation Summit 2016. Anita has used the address to highlight how Hybrid Cloud Technology is helping to improve new and existing businesses in Malaysia. Going further she also explained how this technology will help people and the nation to develop within the ASEAN region and beyond.

Anita’s presentation “Accelerating Beyond Infinity” – was the commencement of a week-long roadshow which will visit the key Malaysian cities over the course of the next few weeks. The aim of the roadshow is to articulate an overall strategy where HPE intend to enable their customers to extend their datacentres into hybrid cloud. Incorporating the flexibility of hybrid cloud into on premise IT will enable companies to transform and take their place in the new but very real digital economy.

Lim points out, “HPE is working with our partners, who at today’s event are being informed about how we are enabling them to improve their client’s infrastructure, people, productivity and revenue with Hybrid Cloud Technology.” Lim acknowledged that Malaysia and its companies have some work to do and that infrastructure remains a challenge though it is not insurmountable.

Lim talked about how HPE are also focusing on Gen-Y. She explained that HPE has started a Graduate Program and to date they have hired 10 graduates. These newly qualified HPE employees are trained on how to implement and architect hybrid cloud based solutions. For Lim it’s not just about giving them the knowledge; it’s about showing the importance of work ethics as well. “Knowledge and instilling a keen sense of responsibility will secure a future for this and the next generations of Malaysians.”

Now that HPE is focused on growth Lim feels they have a part to play in helping Malaysia and Malaysians to become competitive on the regional stage “It is about job creation, allowing employees to work more effectively, in a smarter and more productive way. Upscaling your technology will allow you to upscale your business and employees at the same time.” According to Lim when HPE engage with customers, the dialogue is not just about technical architecture. It’s about helping people to evolve their mind sets so that they understand how technology will be the key to competitive advantage, productivity and ultimately revenue in the digital economy.

Lim drew on Aruba Networks, a part of HPE, to demonstrate how technology and business are now colliding. Companies are aware that they need to build mobility into their work practices and customer offerings, but understanding how they do that is not always simple. The days of digging up roads and wrecking the environment to lay cables need to be behind us yet at the same time for Malaysian companies to enjoy the cloud – they still need a sturdy ladder to reach for it. HPE Aruba products serve that purpose and HPE educate and advise how to harness this kind of technology in a strategy that drives business benefits.

Transform, Protect, Empower and Enable may be an old business model but has evolved through time and stays relevant for today’s modern data cycle. The 4 key points presented are not only applied to Hardware and Software but more importantly applied to people. It’s the people that makes the company. To enable and transform them with training and providing them with opportunities to learn and develop allows a company to protect their future for a more stable employment sector as well as empower them for the future business development and Malaysia’s evolution into this new digital economy.

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