Infobip Gets Personal With Digital ‘Moments’ on its Latest Omnichannel Platform

The competition in the digital economy has increased with businesses looking to make the most of the data they have. Today, organisations are looking to have a more personalised approach to customers when dealing with them. Using data collected from their browsing habits, businesses are able to customise their approach to targeted and selected customers.
While there have been concerns raised about privacy when it comes to personalisation tools, global cloud communication platform Infobip believes that there is a clear distinction in how they approach this issue without invading the privacy of users.
Having recently launched Moments, a new omnichannel customer engagement hub, Infobip enables businesses to create personalised interactions and build meaningful relationships with today’s connected consumers.
According to CS Gill, Country Manager at Infobip Malaysia, “Moments only track specific user behaviour. We just provide the platform for our clients to interact with their customers”.
Moments helps marketers and brands create and activate highly effective campaigns that resonate with customers on a personal level by providing a 360-degree view of the customer and unifying today’s most popular communication applications onto a single platform.
With Infobip’s mobile-first approach, businesses can reach their customers on their preferred channels with contextualised content irrespective of their location. These include chat apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Line, etc.), SMS, email, voice, mobile apps, websites and emerging channels such as Rich Communication Services (RCS).
Key features surrounding Moments include:

  • Easy cross-channel campaign management: Allows marketers to create, orchestrate and run campaigns across Infobip’s vast portfolio of channels through a single interface. Messaging campaigns can be delivered and scaled at the right time on the customer’s preferred and most relevant channel.

  • Unified customer data: Creates richer customer profiles by connecting and unifying data from multiple sources, enabling businesses to understand customer needs better and create personalised campaigns.

  • Smarter audience segmentation: Personalise messaging campaigns at scale by segmenting audiences based on events, tags, behaviour or special occasions.

  • Dynamic marketing automation: The ability to onboard, activate and reengage via multistep campaign automation and create an event and behaviour-based triggers to respond instantly to customers actions.

  • Powerful analytics: Through event and segment analytics, businesses can optimise customer interactions by setting goals to track conversions and access insight-driven funnel reports. There is also the ability to test which messages and channels get maximum engagement results with A/B testing.

Interestingly, Gill said that the entire application is easy to manage by almost anyone. It is designed as a marketing tool with minimal IT experience required in running the application. Marketing teams will find the application user friendly as everything will be prepared for their preference.
Designed to help enterprises to better interact with their customers, Moments is yet another customer-centric product by Infobip that combines technology, relevance and convenience to deliver great digital customer engagements.

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