IBM Launches the Power10 E1080 Server

IBM has announced the launch of its IBM Power E1080 server, the latest in the Power series and the first to use the new IBM Power10 processor. It is specially designed for hybrid cloud environments and to give customers the most secure server platform available on the market.

“The IBM Power10 systems are engineered for agility,” said Satya Sharma, IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer at IBM Power in a recent media briefing. “Customers increasingly want to consume infrastructure in [a] hybrid cloud fashion, which is the combination of on-prem and public cloud. IBM Power delivers IT modernisation through a frictionless hybrid cloud experience. The experience is entirely consistent between the on-prem side and the public cloud side so you can take your workloads back and forth.”

The Power10 processor, according to Sharma, is engineered to meet ever-changing but always exacting consumer demands driven by the pandemic and ongoing digital transformation. As such, it has been configured to:

  • Respond faster to business demands through efficient scaling and consistent pay-for-use consumption.

  • Protect data from the core to the cloud through memory encryption right at the processor level to enable end-to-end security but without impacting performance.

  • Streamline insights and automation via Artificial Intelligence (AI) inferencing directly at the core and by leveraging Watson services in the IBM cloud.

Among the Power E1080’s features, in particular, are a world-record 8-socket, 2-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark, 4.1x more containerised throughput per core as compared to the x86, and instant scaling. It also provides support for quantum-safe cryptography and Fully Homomorphic Encryption, 2.5x faster AES crypto performance per core compared to the Power E980 and advanced protection for ROP attacks. Additionally, the Power E1080 fully supports libraries, AI frameworks and ONNX runtime, has in-core AI inferencing and can train AI models anywhere, and offers advanced recovery, self-healing and diagnostic capabilities.  

The Power E1080 is also among IBM’s most eco-friendly—something consumers worldwide are increasingly looking for in their machines nowadays.

“Energy, efficiency and the carbon footprint are now becoming increasingly a conversation in the industry,” said Sharma. “The E1080 delivers 50% more capacity while keeping the energy and space footprint constant. And all of this can be done in the pay-per-use consumption model.”

Critically, Power10 is entirely compatible with both Power8 and 9, with Power10 actually having a Power8 mode and a Power9 mode. It also has a binary compatibility guarantee that ensures seamless operations within IBM’s expanding ISV ecosystem.

Francis Ong, Z Plus Power Leader at Technology Group of IBM ASEAN, expects the Power10 to be a hit in the Asia Pacific, where “the Power System is very popular,” to begin with. In fact, 75% of non-x86 are, according to Ong, IBM Power System users, underpinning the increasing market share of the series across enterprises in the region.

“We are present basically in SMEs [small- to mid-sized businesses] to the largest enterprises in the ASEAN market,” said Ong. “With the Power10 E1080, we are continuing to extend some of these new capabilities across more of these enterprises, where most of them are undergoing digital transformation.”

Three things, according to Ong, will increase Power10’s market share in the region, and the first is the agility it offers. This is especially true now that the Power10 has adopted the pay-per-use consumption model, which jives well with the capacity-on-demand needs of ASEAN companies in the midst of digital transformation. The second is Power10’s advanced security features, while the third is its enhanced AI capabilities, which Ong believes customers will find “very relevant,” today and moving forward.

“Many of the services that power the nations across the ASEAN region are actually powered by Power Systems,” Ong added. “Most of the large banks across the region are powered by Power Systems, many of the government services are also powered by Power Systems. Many of the services that we consume on a day-to-day basis are actually powered by Power Systems. The key attributes are it keeps running, is secure, and has great performance while lowering [the] cost of ownership.”

With the above-mentioned features, it will not be surprising if IBM’s market share continues to increase not only in the region but also worldwide. As of posting, IBM is already taking orders for the IBM Power E1080, and shipments are expected to begin by the end of the month. Customers can also benefit from the Power Expert Care, a tiered service approach that offers different support options for the IBM Power E1080 server, including add-ons such as security updates and health checks on both hardware and software.

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