Huawei Connect Reveals Exciting Innovations and Facilitates Interesting Technological Discussions

Huawei has once again surfaced with their annual flagship event, Huawei Connect 2021. As the first fully online event of the series, this year's event was live-streamed across the globe in multiple languages with the theme of "Diving into the Digital."  Spanning from the 23rd of September to the 31st of October, the event hosts numerous keynotes, summits, and sessions for players within the ICT industry. Discussions this year will be focused on the practical applications of technology such as AI and 5G.

With a packed line-up of industry speakers, Huawei's rotating chairman, Eric Xu, kicked off the first keynote session addressing Huawei's developments in the past year since the last summit. In a media session held after the keynote, Eric revealed that Huawei is still recovering from its smartphone business losses due to the restrictions imposed by the US government. Amidst the talk of more restrictions, Huawei has not stopped venturing into other industries with their innovations.

Eric's keynote speech focused on the three primary reasons for global digital transformation, namely the pandemic, the need for emission reduction and business resilience. Touching on the role that Huawei aims to play in this digital transformation, Eric states, "Huawei's mission and vision is to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world. I believe helping industries go digital is a critical aspect to our mission. You could even say we wouldn't be able to accomplish our mission without the successful digital transformation of industries."

Breaking down their proposition into ubiquitous connectivity, pervasive intelligence, personalised experience and digital platform, Huawei unveiled new services during the first keynote, such as the HUAWEI CLOUD UCS.

In the first keynote session, Eric Xu was joined by Zhang Ping'an, CEO of HUAWEI CLOUD and President of Huawei Customer Cloud Service, to address HUAWEI CLOUD: Everything as a Service. The speech included launching two new Huawei Cloud regions in Mexico and Ulanqab alongside HUAWEI CLOUD's contributions to many organisations worldwide with success stories.

Zhang's speech was filled with many new releases and technical upgrades. The unveiled innovations included OptVerse AI Solver, Pangu drug molecule model, Blockchain Service, the FunctionGraph function computing service, MacroVerse aPaaS and SparkRTC. The HUAWEI CLOUD stack has also been upgraded to 8.1, and technical updates were announced for HUAWEI CLOUD GaussDB.

As Huawei aims for ubiquitous connectivity, they have begun to build a cloud alliance with partner clouds worldwide so users can access a single interface with a single account while employing a multi-cloud solution. To showcase one of their cloud partners, Christophe Ozer, the Head of Orange Cloud APAC, narrated the role of Orange Cloud as a cloud provider and Huawei's partner.

Excitingly, Zhang also introduced to the world, HUAWEI CLOUD's first virtual employee in the form of Yunsheng. The creation of the virtual human was part of HUAWEI CLOUD's digital content production line.

With their fingers already in various pies, Huawei has also expanded into the film and media industry with HUAWEI CLOUD's digital media pipeline to automate production. Zhang was joined by Jiang Chuanrong, the Chairman of Shanghai Mirror Pictures as the first partner to have employed the digital media pipeline in the industry.

In collaboration with the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Huawei also presented the launch of the SPDB Finwarehouse. The solution aims to incorporate digital finance into warehousing and accelerate the digital transformation of the financial world.

It wouldn't be a Huawei event if the topic of 6G were not brought into focus. In the Q&A session, Eric addressed the issue, stating that while we may envision and imagine 6G, we may not have it in the future. Stating the success of 6G can only be accomplished through the global collaboration of great minds. Going as far as to say that the efforts of 5G development did not create a favourable environment for scientist collaboration and hoping that other parties will see the need to work together for the success of 6G.

While Huawei continues to put up a brave front in the face of restrictions imposed, the Rotating Chairman seems realistic with his future aspiration of the company stating, "I cannot envision the future as of now. I can only hope you will be seeing Huawei being able to stay alive."

Huawei Connect 2021 will be ongoing until the 31st of October with access to recordings of sessions that you may have missed. To check out the exciting sessions and their interactive online exhibition, head on over to the Huawei Connect 2021 website.

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