HP joins hyper-converged appliance war with EVO RAIL

HP is the latest ‘old storage man’ to jump in the increasingly crowded space hyper-converged space with its very own HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO: RAIL. Yes, I get it that product marketers are neither intuitive nor creative when it comes to product naming conventions but no one seems to care anyway. So what the heck!
The EVO: RAIL is the result of a ‘longstanding’ partnership between HP and VMware. The nice thing about VMware is that its dominance of the virtual machine (VM) space means competitors are willing to turn a blind eye. I say so because VMware is an EMC company and EMC is a fierce competitor to HP’s storage business unit. But with only Red Hat and Microsoft as viable competitors to VMware’s VM monster and both being so far below the marketshare stack, HP, IBM, HDS, NetApp, have little but to tow the competitor-partner line. Again, who cares as long as they all make money – especially, EMC-VMware.
HP is positioning the 200-HC at midmarket and enterprises that want to “simplify the approach to purchasing, deploying, scaling and securing support for their software-defined IT infrastructure.” Who doesn’t?

As organizations migrate from inefficient legacy systems, the complexities associated with building virtual infrastructure is fuelling a 33 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the integrated systems market, which IDC estimates will grow from US$5.4 billion in 2013 to US$14.3 billion by 2017.

The HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO: RAIL features a pre-integrated, pre-tested 100 percent VMware software stack, to provide high availability at both the compute and storage layers, with VMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN, VMware vRealize Log Insight, and the EVO: RAIL engine. VMware EVO: RAIL integrates these technologies to greatly simplify by consolidating IT resources into a single appliance, eliminating the need for complex integration and enabling new applications to come online quickly.

If you interested in this HP box, you have to wait until Q1 2015 and that’s probably for the US market. For those of us in Asia with money to splurge, go ask HP and be prepared to be told to wait a bit more. Like most other vendors trying to catch-up on the latest marketing hype, the name of the game is getting your name in the game!

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