Google Releases Bare Metal Solution to Ease Migration of Legacy Applications to Cloud

Google has introduced a new bare metal service, aptly named the Bare Metal Solution, which enterprises can leverage in order to run their specialised workloads that were perhaps previously too complex, risky or costly to be run on cloud.

According to a recent blog post which went into the details of the announcement by Google Sr. Product Manager, Gurmeet Goindi, “This infrastructure is connected with a dedicated, low-latency and highly resilient interconnect, and connects to all native Google Cloud services. Bare Metal Solution uses OEM hardware that is certified to run multiple enterprise applications, most of which can be migrated to this infrastructure with little or no change, minimizing the risk of migration while simultaneously increasing its velocity.”

What this means is that Google themselves aren’t offering the bare metal servers directly, but rather, the servers are fully managed and co-located in the data centres of Google Cloud to enable legacy applications (that were not designed to run in the cloud) to be connected to Google Cloud and its suite of services.

Automation tools that come with the solution can be used to help enterprises to onboard their environment quickly, provision their applications and relational databases, as well as configure the OS of their choice and set up services such as backup and monitoring. By maintaining the same management interface, organisations can leverage their investments in existing tools, processes and personnel.

The blog post also mentioned the following benefits of the Bare Metal Solution:
·        Completely managed hardware infrastructure: End-to-end infrastructure management such as compute, storage and networking, as well as fully managed and monitored environments such as power, cooling and facilities.
·        Google Cloud support and billing: A seamless support experience with support for infrastructure, including defined SLAs for initial response. 24X7 coverage for all Priority 1 and 2 issues. Unified billing across Google Cloud and Bare Metal Solution.
·        Service Level Agreements: Defined enterprise-grade SLA for hardware uptime and interconnect availability.

While many organisations are making the move to cloud, the fact remains that many still depend on legacy applications, especially for their critical workloads. Many vendors are now offering this bare metal type of solution for their enterprise customers, and this announcement from Google Cloud would definitely come as good news for enterprises that are looking for new options to modernise their data centres, which these days is a lot about moving to cloud.

For more information on the Google Bare Metal Solution release, click here.

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