Fusion-io ioTurbine offloads shared storage operations to flash to improve app performance

The latest ioTurbine caching software update from Fusion-io enhances performance and manageability for large-scale enterprise environments. With Fusion ioTurbine caching and ioMemory solutions, enterprises can add flash memory performance to their environment ahead of shared storage refresh cycles.  

“Caching technology is a powerful tool for large-scale enterprises looking to add the value of flash performance without forklift SAN replacements,” said Lee Caswell, Fusion-io vice president, Virtualization Products Group. "With new one-click application caching and streamlined centralized management, ioTurbine intelligently directs application performance to server-side flash, while preserving the data protection and capacity benefits of shared storage.  Powerful new caching algorithms redirect billions of operations from SANs to servers to make enterprise data centers more efficient.”

Server and storage systems have long relied on caching to speed local performance. The practice of caching across the data center is rapidly growing since server flash is 1,000 times less expensive than disk drives when examined in a cost per operation analysis. The cost reductions and performance benefits accumulate quickly for customers at scale. A leading Fusion-io healthcare customer reported that caching with ioTurbine enabled it to offload 1.6 billion operations from its SAN in a recent 30-day period.

“Caching can drive improved I/O efficiency and cost savings by ensuring that servers and storage each focus on their core respective competencies of performance and capacity,” said Mark Peters, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “These latest updates from Fusion-io add significant breakthroughs for caching at scale to ioTurbine’s real-world-tested solution, and extend its ability to not only deliver improved application performance but also work within constrained IT budgets.” 

When caching is used to support hundreds or thousands of VMs, data management becomes a critical consideration. Fusion ioTurbine offers common management across physical and virtual servers to simplify deployment at scale. The new ioTurbine software is also optimized for integration with central management reporting solutions such as VMware vCenter and is tolerant of widely distributed environments typical of regional or branch offices.

The ioTurbine Fast Flash program offers non-intrusive assessments of specific customer workloads, return on investment analysis, hands-on integration support, and volume pricing for companies adding caching in multiple servers. The Fast Flash program provides an ideal way to integrate caching solutions while learning from industry-leading flash memory and caching experts.

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