FashionValet Soars With AWS

As one of the largest fashion companies in the region, FashionValet started as an e-commerce site in 2010. The fashion outlet is often seen as the pioneer in the market with its focus on mainstream modest fashion and has secured partnerships and collaborations with renowned designers and celebrities in the region. Operating primarily as an e-commerce provider, FashionValet continues to provide its customers with real-time, unique in-store shopping experiences and is constantly innovating to meet customer needs.
According to Aien Zaini, CTO for FashionValet, the brand migrated fully onto AWS in 2019. With Auto Scaling Groups and RDS Aurora features, it is now able to serve 10x more customers in minutes during product launches. Prior to this, customers faced high latency issues and the company also had autoscaling issues to deal with.
FashionValet was also using multiple vendors for their IT services which resulted in high output and maintenance as well as high billings. More worrying was the fact that most of the programs were in silos and not unified.
For Aien, convincing the board to use AWS was not a challenge. Simply because with AWS, the company was able to experience up to 75% fewer expenses in infrastructure management. With a single unified system, they were able to automate server preparation for product launches and expected traffic as well as scale down instantly during regular intervals and launch new services within a day.
Using CloudWatch monitoring, FashionValet also has access to a consolidated dashboard which allows it to analyse metrics at a glance to improve decision making, allowing it to better pivot depending on changing customer demands. They were also able to reduce overall technology cost by 50% and double their resources at the same time which in turn improved the product development timeline by 200%.
“A lot of startups think that moving to [the] cloud requires them to use a lot of solutions and services. But if you look at AWS Cost Explorer, you will realise you need less services and servers to manage the uptime. If you follow this principle, you can definitely save a lot on cost”, said Aien.
Digbijoy Shukla, Head of Startup Business Development in ASEAN for AWS explained that more startups should realise the full potential they can achieve with AWS. With a pricing system that is cost-friendly to the budget. SMEs, in particular, need not worry much about implementing new technologies, especially to boost their digital presence.
“AWS is dedicated to helping customers to achieve the highest saving potential on their cloud spends. We enable the smallest to the largest of startups to scale in a cost-optimised manner”, said Digbijoy.
AWS has cost optimisation solutions to help these businesses make the most of their budget and get desired results using solutions like AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Well Architected Review and AWS Activate.
For example, AWS Cost Explore has a comprehensive dashboard for businesses to gain a summary view of key cost details, including month-to-date cost, forecasted reports and saved reports. It also has an automated trend analysis that identifies unusual cost and usage events, based on historical patterns.
While businesses are wanting to leverage the cloud to have a stronger digital presence, tools like these from AWS can help them monitor their cloud spend. Otherwise, costs can be a concern. This is why businesses need to be sure they are using the right cloud services for the right projects.

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