EMC promises hybrid cloud in 28 days

Is it fair to say that EMC is a die-hard “Third Platform” convert? The Third Platform is a loosely-defined computing platform encompassing technologies that IDC claims is built on mobile devices, cloud services, social technologies, and big data.  Gartner calls it the “nexus of forces” to give it more mystery in the vein of Star Wars. The commonality for us here at data&storageasean is storage and in this case, there is tons of it. EMC’s interpretation of the Third Platform involves a number of technologies marketed by vendors within the EMC Federation (this time we are referencing Star Trek).
Perhaps central to EMC’s Third Platform strategy is the launch of the new EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution which integrates hardware, software and services from EMC and VMware to unite the strengths of private and public cloud – at least that is what the marketing brochures will have you believe.
EMC claims the solution can enable IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) in as few as 28 days. Organizations no longer will have to make tradeoffs between the speed and agility of public cloud services and the control and security of private cloud infrastructure.
Laura DuBois, Program Vice President, IDC said “Hybrid cloud enables businesses and their IT organizations flexibility in where they host their many and varied workloads. A well-run hybrid cloud must allow enterprises to seamlessly offer services and apps to their users from the device of their choice, whether they originate from an on-premise data center or from public cloud sources. Hybrid cloud offerings like the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution allow enterprises to retain security and control by enabling IT organizations to become a broker of apps and services and to do so via user self-service and automation that correspond to organizational policies.”
As with many of EMC’s new offerings – the Hybrid Cloud Solution – is built on the backs of three recent acquisitions by the storage vendor:
Maginatics sells software that provides a single global namespace for data spread across private, public and hybrid clouds. With Maginatics enterprises can move data across those clouds and includes features such as data deduplication and WAN optimization for efficiency. Maginatics will be formally integrated into EMC’s data protection offerings.
Spanning offers subscription-based backup and recovery services for cloud-based applications and data. EMC says it its data protection across all applications and workloads. Spanning supports Google Apps and Salesforce.com, but Microsoft Office 365 support coming soon
Cloudscaling sells an OpenStack-based operating system for managing computing, storage and networking in private and hybrid clouds. The IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) product, called Open Cloud System, is expected to give EMC more momentum in OpenStack-based infrastructure offerings – an approach that other vendors like Pure Storage are pursuing as well.

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