EMC adds IP storage capability courtesy of Brocade

Fibre Channel SANs continue to face issues such as cost, complexity and interoperability.  IP storage has long been envisioned as the enabling technology to make storage area networks finally get mass appeal.
Through its OEM partner, Brocade is making available its VCS Ethernet fabric solution on EMC’s Connectrix network switch family.
"IP storage capacity is doubling nearly every two years, and transitioning to higher-performance, more mission-critical applications," said Ashish Nadkarni, research director, Storage Systems and Software, at IDC. "To meet these new requirements, organizations should consider dedicated networks for IP-based storage as a better approach to align their networking infrastructures with business needs."
According to an ESG research report “storage networking tends to carry more mission-critical, high-performance data than LANs, and therefore should be isolated and managed differently. Having a single organization as the owner responsible for workload uptime speeds up issue resolution and helps ensure reliability. The resulting storage network will likely be a simpler design and therefore easier to manage and secure, providing greater IT agility with the ability to scale and provision storage in a more timely and efficient manner.”
The Connectrix VDX-6740B IP storage switch establishes a resilient, agile and easily-deployed foundation for EMC storage, cloud, deduplication and backup and recovery systems.
EMC customers will deploy the new switch to separate IP storage traffic from other data traffic, a more reliable and efficient approach compared to legacy deployments where storage traffic and all other network traffic share the same network infrastructure.
The Connectrix VDX-6740B is a high performance, low latency IP storage switch that provides connectivity for a broad array of EMC high-end and mid-range NAS and iSCSI storage platforms.  

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