EditShare adds remote workflows with AirFlow

EditShare says the latest version of AirFlow “Private Cloud” remote workflow solutions is now available with every EditShare storage system as part of the integrated Flow MAM toolset.
AirFlow “Private Cloud” allows team members to collaborate with each other from anywhere in the world using standard web browser to play, log, search and organize media content, and also upload and download content directly to and from central storage systems.
Executive producers on the go can keep an eye on projects and view rough cuts and fine cuts on a tablet or smart phone. Producers can hire and collaborate with the best editor for a job, even if that person is located half a world away. Organizations with multiple facilities can search for and exchange material from any of their sites.
With AirFlow users can use customizable metadata templayes to support diverse workflows such as review and approval, outsourced transcriptions, marketing archival material for sale to third parties, and proxy editing with relinking to high-resolution files.
High-resolution material is captured directly into a 196 TB EditShare storage system located on the island, and Flow makes lightweight proxy files that are stored there as well. Every day the editors use AirFlow to browse the latest content. For any material they want to edit, they download low-resolution proxies across the Internet. The proxies are small, and even with an average Internet connection and dozens of hours of clips, the transfer is quite rapid.

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