DSA Awards 2020 Winners List

The winners are now in for our sixth annual DSA Awards. After tallying our readers' votes, who had the chance over the last month to select the best vendors for 2020, we thank you for allotting your time in choosing your favourite vendors. It has been a challenging year for everyone, but technology has played a huge part in allowing organisations to continue their operations despite all the challenges.

Let's take a look at who our readers have voted for the most outstanding enterprise IT vendors throughout the year. Here are the winners for the DSA Awards 2020:

Best Enterprise Storage Vendor – Dell Technologies

With an overwhelming number of votes, Dell has once again proven its popularity among our readers, leaving IBM and Nutanix, in second and third place respectively, by quite a large margin. We feel the company must be striking the right chord with businesses in the region, having consistently taken the top spot in this category ever since the inception of the DSA Awards.

Best Data Analytics Vendor – Microsoft

The importance of data analytics has only become greater during the global pandemic. It is able to help businesses make more informed data-driven decisions, gain greater insights to address oncoming challenges and better serve their customers. For this category, voters chose Microsoft as the vendor they feel have provided the suite of data analytics solutions that have greatly helped companies get the most out of their data, especially during these unprecedented times, with Qlik and Oracle not far behind on the votes.

Best Business Continuity Vendor – VMWare

While previously, we had the "Best Data Protection/Disaster Recovery Vendor Award", we feel that this year, we would change it up a little, considering how the impact of the pandemic has highlighted the importance of business continuity and resilience. Based on the number of votes, VMware proved its dominance in this category for 2020, beating the likes of Dell and IBM.

Best Cloud Storage Vendor – Amazon Web Services

This is definitely an interesting category due to its competitiveness, with the big three in cloud, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure all having been winners at some point in previous years. This year, AWS has regained the 'Best Cloud Storage Vendor' crown, beating last year's winner, Microsoft Azure, by a significant number of votes, followed very closely by Google Cloud Platform at third.

Best Automation Technology – Red Hat Ansible

Automation is another area that has become much more important during the pandemic. It can help businesses in many ways, such as automating the deployment of workloads, eliminating human error, accelerating manufacturing processes or even improving business resiliency. The nominees for this category were broad and varied, from enterprise-wide automation (Red Hat Ansible) to things like collaborative robots (Universal robots) and enterprise robotic process automation (WorkFusion). In the end, most of our readers voted for Red Hat Ansible, followed closely by Kofax and Automation Anywhere.

Best Cloud Security Vendor – Cisco

As organisations move en masse to new ways of working, relying more on digital technologies to move forward, we cannot discount the vital role that security plays. Based on the reports we have seen throughout the year, it is clear that cybercriminals have stepped up their attacks, leveraging the chaos left by the pandemic – from Twitter hacks, COVID-themed phishing attacks to advanced ransomware threats. We left it to our readers to vote for the standout vendor that has helped businesses secure their environment, and they have chosen Cisco as the winner, followed by VMware in second place and Infoblox.

Best Remote Meeting & Collaboration Software – Zoom Technologies

With so many solutions taking centre stage in the remote meeting/collaboration in 2020, such as Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams, we felt we had to include this category for this year's DSA Awards. Zoom winning in this category shouldn't come as a surprise, as the software has helped many organisations and institutions with their communication and collaboration offerings during the pandemic and has pretty much become a household name. Microsoft Teams took second place, while Slack came close at third.
Open Categories
We had two open categories this year, which we left nominations completely to our dear readers: Best Data and Storage Technician of the Year and Best COVID Continuity Project Award. Winners for these categories were determined through voting by a panel of judges consisting of AOPG's editorial team members, and we also invited an external judge, Paul Talbut, independent storage consultant and industry veteran, to ensure impartiality.

We received many noteworthy nominations for these categories, but based on their deliberation and discussion, the winners for the open categories are as follows:

Best Data and Storage Technician of the Year – Fadhly Hassim, Sales Engineer South East Asia at Barracuda Networks

Fadhly has achieved a remarkable feat this year – enabling the biggest archiving project to date for Barracuda Networks in the South East Asia region. For this particular project, Fadhly managed to convince the legal team of Sunway Group to implement Barracuda's Cloud Archiving Service and ensured seamless integration of their existing accounts to the new system. The Cloud Archiving Service has since captured more than 125TB worth of archives for Sunway Group.

The judges voted unanimously for Fadhly in this category as they felt that he has stood out with very innovative solutions for the benefit of his customers. Fadhly has also won this award last year for his contribution in implementing web application firewall, email protection and backup solutions.

Best COVID Continuity Project – Zoom

If there is one solution provider that has proven its name during the pandemic, it has to be the video conferencing and collaboration software Zoom. Despite the nominee submissions being pretty good and solid for this category, the judges felt Zoom had the biggest impact on everyone – not just for businesses but also for individuals and various institutions all over the world in terms of helping everyone continue life and connect despite the challenges of COVID-19.

We would also like to give an honourable mention to Globe Telecom for this category, for all the effort that they have put in to help people and businesses in the Philippines during these hard times. In 2020, the telco company managed to come up with over 1.3 billion pesos in combined services and assistance packages.

We would like to extend our dearest congratulations to the winners for this year's DSA Awards. The year 2020 has seen disruptive changes in the industry, and we expect that 2021 will also be full of transformative changes in the digital and business landscape. We look forward to continuing our work and serving all of you with the best content.

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