DSA Awards 2019 Winners List

And the winners for DSA Awards 2019 are….

The DSA Awards 2019 is the fifth edition of our annual DSA Awards whereby our readers have the opportunity to vote over the last month to pick the best vendors for 2019. After tallying all the votes, the results are now ready. We appreciate you taking the time to vote for your favourite vendor. For those vendors who did not secure enough votes to win, worry not, as you can try again in 2020. Here are your winners for the DSA Awards 2019.
Best Enterprise Storage Company of the Year – Dell EMC

Year in, year out, Dell EMC continues to lead the votes as the best enterprise storage company of the year. Interestingly though, the race in this category is heating up with other vendors catching up with Dell EMC. HPE came in second place while IBM came in third not far behind in the number of votes as well. It will be interesting to see if Dell EMC can continue to dominate this category next year.
Best Pure Play Data Analytics Vendor – Oracle

Oracle wins the pure-play data analytics vendor category with an impressive majority over second-place Cloudera. While analytics continue to play an important role for businesses, all the nominees in this category have offered solid solutions to help organisations get the most out of their data.
Most Innovative Cyber Security Vendor – Carbon Black

Since being acquired by VMware, Carbon Black has been making the headlines in cybersecurity, especially with its AI-driven solutions. Coming in a close second place was Barracuda, which is also taking the industry by storm with its solutions. As cybersecurity continues to be a concern for organisations everywhere, this category will surely only get more competitive in the future as cybersecurity vendors continue to come up with more innovative solutions.
Most Disruptive DR/DP Vendor – Veeam

Veeam edged out Dell EMC, Rubrik and Druva in the disaster recovery and data protection category. Following its win in 2018, Veeam continues to invest and partner cloud service providers to enhance its services. With one of the highest revenues received in 2018, there is no denying that Veeam continues to innovate the disaster recovery category. It will be interesting to see how the other vendors plan to challenge Veeam in the years to come.
Best Cloud Data & Storage Vendor – Microsoft Azure

This is probably the most competitive category we had this year. The cloud data and storage industry continues to see strong competition among all the big players. And with vendors like Alibaba Cloud beginning to have a bigger influence in Asia, they are having a strong influence on how the results are shaping up. In the end, the winner was Microsoft Azure by the slimmest of majorities over AWS. Coming in third was Google Cloud followed by IBM Cloud in fourth place. While Alibaba Cloud did not make the top five, they are beginning to draw in more customers in the region.
Open Categories

This year, we also included three open categories whereby users can nominate their preferred choice of winners based on each category. We received numerous nominations for the open categories, but the winner was selected based on the reasons supporting each nomination followed by a judging session by us.
Best Use of AI in a Software Product – AnyVision

Consisting of AI designers and security veterans, AnyVision is the world’s leading recognition platform used across multiple industries globally. We selected AnyVision as the winner for the best use of AI in a software product because the company has proven to have very high accuracy levels in their facial recognition software platform, Better Tomorrow.
Most Disruptive Technology of the Year – Graphcore Intelligent Processing Unit

For this category, we received numerous nominations ranging from innovation tech in 5G to disruptive technologies in various industries. After getting through all the nominations, we came to the agreement that Graphcore’s Intelligence Processing Unit is the winner for the most disruptive technology of the year. Reason being the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) is completely different from today’s CPU and GPU processors. It is a highly flexible, easy to use, parallel processor that has been designed from the ground up to deliver state of the art performance on current machine intelligence models for both training and inference. But more importantly, the IPU has been designed to allow new and emerging machine intelligence workloads to be realised.
Best Data/Storage Technician of the Year – Mohd Fadhly Mohd Hassim, Sales Engineer, Southeast Asia, Barracuda Networks.

The final open category is for the best data or storage technician of the year in the region. The nominated individual would have to have demonstrated excellent skills in dealing with customers across ASEAN. We received a number of nominations for this category and after finalising the results down to the last few, we did some research on the nominees to find out more about them.
After doing some background checks, we came to the conclusion to present the award to Mohd Fadhly Mohd Hassim, Sales Engineer in Southeast Asia for Barracuda Networks.
We selected Fadhly because of his many years of experience as well as his speciality in protecting infrastructure across multiple branch locations especially in implementing web application firewall, email protection and backup appliances. Fadhly has also implemented some of the largest data security and data protection implementation across difficult environments and has supported large scale enterprises with massive scale implementations securing web-based data.
Judging Criteria   
Three judges consisting of two journalists from AOPG as well as APOG General Manager, Melina Hwang finalised the winner’s list after carefully studying all votes and nominations in all categories. While the winners for some categories were pretty close, the rest of the categories was decided with ease.
A big congratulations to all the winners of the categories. With that said, 2020 will have a lot more in store for all vendors, especially with more technologies coming into play and disrupting. We look forward to continuing our work and serving all of you with the best content in the industry.

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