DSA Awards 2017: Here Are Your Winners

We've tallied the votes, and the results are in! On November, we left the voting to you, our dear readers, to find out your take on who you felt were the best vendors for 2017. Over the course of the month, we received plenty of votes and we’re certainly grateful to everyone who took part. You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened. Here are your winners for the DSA Awards 2017.
Best Enterprise Storage Vendor - Dell EMC

Here at DSA, we call this the big one. If this were the Oscars, this award would probably be DSA’s equivalent to Best Picture, but I digress. As with previous years, there were certainly big names, giants in the enterprise storage industry such as NetApp, HPE, Huawei and Pure Storage, in contention for the prize, but Dell EMC has won the award for Best Enterprise Storage Vendor for the third year in a row (EMC won in 2015) by a clear margin. We can’t confirm whether this reflects Dell EMC’s hold on the market share, but our wise ASEAN-based readership certainly thinks they’re by far the best overall enterprise storage vendor in recent years.
Best Storage Networking Vendor - Cisco

Several categories in this year’s award were very close, but this isn’t one of them. Cisco was chosen as 2017’s best storage networking vendor by our voters, winning by a huge margin ahead of VMWare and Brocade in second and third place respectively. Cisco’s win was probably driven by their deep and broad portfolio, global support capabilities, a large loyal installed base of customers, and channel partners. They’re undoubtedly the most visible vendor in the data centre networking market, with comprehensive offerings covering servers, hyper-converged infrastructures, cloud management software and security.
Best Convergence Vendor - Nutanix

Nutanix was one of the original companies behind the hyper-converged infrastructure revolution. Now, quite a considerable number of vendors have jumped on the hyper-converged fold, most recently NetApp and RedHat in 2017, and the market has become very competitive. Undoubtedly Nutanix and Dell EMC are the ones to beat in this space and it shows in our poll results, with Nutanix barely pipping Dell EMC, followed by Cisco a bit further behind.

Nutanix’s strength isn’t just in their hardware, but their Acropolis Operating System (AOS) has certainly seen various improvements over the years. According to IDC, Dell EMC has taken the top spot when it comes to hyper-converged infrastructure. But we should point out that the Dell EMC XC appliances are powered by Nutanix software, which has played a role in that growth.
Best Flash Storage Vendor - Dell EMC

Dell EMC again takes the top spot in the Best Flash Storage Vendor category, ahead of Pure Storage, and NetApp and IBM who are neck and neck at third. Dell’s acquisition of EMC last year has definitely strengthened their position in this segment, as well as broadened their portfolio of storage arrays in every market segment to provide even more choice for their customers.

As flash is now becoming the norm (i.e. everyone’s doing it), this may also be the last time we will have this category in DSA Awards.
Best Cloud Data & Storage Vendor -  Google

This one should come as no surprise. You’d expect one of the big three to win the Best Cloud Data & Storage Vendor award, and this year Google Cloud takes the top prize, followed very closely by AWS and Microsoft Azure. This was by no means a small feat as Gartner views both AWS and Azure as clear leaders, ahead of the rest in the cloud space, while Google still has to work on maturing its partner ecosystem to make it more attractive to hordes of customers who have invested in the big two. However, Google must have done something right in our readers’ eyes as they have snatched the top prize from AWS who has won it for the past two years running, including a landslide victory in 2016.
Best Data Protection/Disaster Recovery Vendor - Commvault

This has to be one of the most competitive categories and we certainly had a hard time predicting the winner. For 2017, Commvault came out as the clear favourite, beating Barracuda and Veeam with very few votes separating the two. Over the years, Commvault has responded very well to the market and technological changes, always investing in expanding support for the latest enterprise technologies such as hypervisors, applications, databases, public clouds, hypervisors and storage arrays. For that reason, Commvault has one of the most expansive and comprehensive list of supported platforms in this space.  
Best Data Analytics Vendor - Microsoft

Microsoft gained a comfortable lead and never looked back in the Best Data Analytics Vendor category, followed by a tightly contested race between Oracle, Tableau, and Cloudera. We predict that this category will become very competitive over the next few years as “analytics” seems to be a buzzword that’s catching on fast and applicable to almost all areas of business. For this year, our readers have chosen Microsoft as their favourite data analytics vendor.
Best Data Security Vendor - Symantec

In the light of today’s growing cyber threats, data security is more important than ever. Our voters have chosen Symantec as their favourite data security vendor for this year, barely (and we mean it in every sense of the word) pipping VMWare to the award. Cisco was a bit further behind at number three. Whilst the data security market is heating up with notable up-and-coming vendors vying to challenge the established giants, we feel that in this category especially, vendor reputation and trust plays a pivotal role.
Best Data/Storage VAR Value Added Reseller - Dimension Data

The Best Data/Storage Value Added Reseller (VAR) award goes to Dimension Data. Dimension Data is a company that offers information technology consulting services and solutions. It also provides data centre and storage solutions, such as consolidation, continuity, and compliance solutions, etc. The company was founded in 1974 and is based in Singapore with additional offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

They’ve been voted for providing “innovative, end to end solutions in Hybrid IT, especially on the hardware front”, and having a knowledgeable sales team.
MVP Best Data/Storage Vendor Technician - Ken Lim (Senior Systems Engineer - Pure Storage Singapore)

Ken Lim is a Senior Systems Engineer with Pure Storage based in Singapore. His primary role is supporting sales, working with customers and leading partners on providing solutions that help to address and transform business needs and requirement. In his current capacity, Ken had been involved in numerous projects across different verticals ranging from financial sector, healthcare, manufacturing and public sector in terms of solution architecting and storage transformation.

Ken received the most votes and has been named DSA’s MVP Best Data/Storage Vendor Technician, where according to one voter, Ken exhibits “deep knowledge and pro-customer oriented service with support going beyond [expected] responsibilities.”

Again, we’d like to congratulate all the winners and we look forward to what’s in store for us in 2018 in this rapidly evolving and disruptive space of data, storage and digital transformation. Until next year’s awards, we wish you happy holidays and a wonderful (and productive) 2018.

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