DJ La Fuente uses storage solution to edit and backup HD music videos

As a top DJ playing 350 shows a year at clubs and events around the world, La Fuente understands that fast, safe and reliable external storage is essential to efficiently producing and protecting the HD videos and music he loves to create.  Looking for a solution that delivered lightning-fast speed and reliable data protection, La Fuente turned to PROMISE Technology and the Pegasus R4.
PROMISE develops storage solutions optimized for rich media applications, including the Pegasus Series with Thunderbolt™ Technology. These storage solutions are designed from the ground up for creative professionals like La Fuente, who require performance, simplicity and flexibility.  La Fuente replaced his USB 3.0 drive with the Pegasus R4 to help him edit and store his videos and music, including his entire library of soulful, upbeat and uplifting tracks. 
With an Apple® iMac® paired with the Pegasus R4 configured in RAID 5 (data protection if one disk fails), La Fuente stores over 5TBs of music and HD footage shot with his GoPro camera that he uses to create videos of his performances and hottest tracks.  With Pegasus, La Fuente can fully leverage the advantage of Thunderbolt, the fastest PC I/O connection on the market today, helping him quickly back up his work. PROMISE’s advanced RAID engine, featuring mature error-handling schemes for the ultimate in data protection, ensures the data is secure.
“I play 350 shows a year and travel all over the world, so when I am creating music, I need things to go smoothly - and I need to know my work will be safe because I can’t risk losing it,” said La Fuente.  “The Pegasus R4 is really fast, and I like knowing all my work is safely backed up so I can just focus on doing what I love - making big, uplifting sounds and bringing non-stop energy to my shows.”

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