Digital Realty Formally Opens Third Data Centre in Singapore, Focusing on Sustainable Solutions

Leading global provider of carrier- and cloud-neutral data centre, colocation and interconnection solutions, Digital Realty, recently launched its third data centre in Singapore during a virtual event. Called the Digital Loyang II or SIN12, the facility aims to help enterprises with their digitisation objectives and, at the same time, features sustainable solutions.

Omer Wilson, Digital Realty’s VP of Marketing, facilitated the virtual event to formally open SIN12 and to discuss its significance. Giving his opening remarks, Mark Smith, Digital Realty’s Managing Director for APAC, said that SIN12 serves an integral part of supporting the overall Singapore economy as it moves towards becoming a digital smart nation.

According to Mark, we all see the growth and the demand for digital services and the need for enterprises to aggressively digitise their businesses. “However, we also need to balance that demand and that growth with the need to build in a sustainable fashion and one that that is environmentally friendly and minimises the impact on the environment and the carbon footprint”, he added.

That is why in Digital Realty, Mark said that they are continuing to build out a more sustainable future for the data centre industry – such as what is found in SIN12. He added that the facility will feature efficient cooling system design, turbine generators rather than diesel engines and a building management system (BMS) that will ensure the data centre is running efficiently.

After the discussion with Mark, the event then moved on to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the facility, broadcasted online. It was attended in-person by Digital Realty executives - Jon Curry, VP Operations, Asia Pacific; Serene Ow, Director, Design and Construction, Singapore; William Heng, Senior Sales Engineering Director, Asia Pacific and Sandra Chua, Sales Director, Singapore.

After the ceremony, Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development and Minister-in-Charge of Social Services Integration, delivered a guest of honour address. For him, SIN12 is a good example of how good collaboration can lead to infrastructure that is smart, resilient and sustainable.

Also present for the event was Christian Koschil, Digital Attaché, Embassy of the United States of America, who commented that SIN12 really demonstrates an impressive improvement in energy and building efficiency. He added that it points to the future of sustainable development for data centres – the backbones of digital economies.

Closing the event was a panel discussion among Jessica Cheam, Founder and Managing Director, Eco-Business; Ken Haig, Head, Energy Policy, Asia-Pacific & Japan, Amazon Web Services (AWS); Nishchal Khorana, Senior Director, Frost and Sullivan and Mark Smith, Managing Director, APAC.

For Jessica, the climate crisis is the biggest crisis of our time and everything that we need to do has to be framed in that context. “With this growth of data centres in the face of climate change, Eco-Business produced, in partnership with Digital Reality, the first of its kind study that looked at the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in achieving [sustainability]”, she explained.

Adding to that, Nishchal said that a more holistic approach is needed to drive sustainability, including best-in-class infrastructure, right from the design to the use of innovative technologies as well as post-operations.

Finally, Ken stated that one of the most transformative roles that the cloud can play is to accelerate the innovation process itself, with R&D efforts benefiting from the systematic application of cloud-enabled machine-learning. “This can include things like new approaches to distributed energy management, low-carbon industrial technologies, chemistry for low carbon aviation fuel or new nano-materials for higher capacity batteries, and the list goes on”.

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