Demartek Test says the AssuredSAN 4824 features 5x performance boost competition

Independent analyst firm Demartek performs a broad range of performance, validation and other tests from its own ISO 17025 accredited computer test lab. For the Dot Hill test, Demartek compared an AssuredSAN 4824 array with a base configuration of 20 HDDs to hybrid configurations that included deployment of up to four SSDs.
The SSDs represented between five and 10 percent of total storage capacity, depending on the configuration. These tests were run against MS SQL Server database, executing real transactional I/O designed to simulate a workload similar to that which could be experienced by a real business.
In the AssuredSAN 4824 array hybrid configuration, RealStor's autonomic tiering technology dynamically staged high priority data on SDDs, with lower priority data on HDDs. RealStor automatically migrated data every five seconds, ensuring that hot data was always up to date and optimally staged for application and end-user requirements. RealStor also autonomically migrated colder data to lower cost HDDs. This capability enables end-users to gain the benefits of flash performance without engaging in an expensive all-flash array.
Demartek's test results illustrate RealStor's effectiveness: storage bandwidth and input/output operations per second (IOPS) increased more than 2.5x when employing SSD read caching on the AssuredSAN 4824, and by more than 4.5x with SSD performance tiering.
"Many organizations today need to improve storage performance to meet application requirements and end-user expectations, but moving to all-flash arrays is cost prohibitive," said Dennis Martin, president of Demartek. "Demartek's test shows that Dot Hill's hybrid storage arrays enable organizations to adopt flash incrementally, so they can dramatically improve storage performance in a way that is both cost-effective and easy to implement."

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