Dell Technology World 2019 aims towards a seamless experience in the cloud and the workplace.

Following Michael Dell’s opening keynote address, Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman, Products and Operations, Dell EMC echoed his views on technology is at its best with more innovations happening soon.

With the booming digitally native workforce, Jeff believed that modernisation in the workforce and dealing with this group is key especially with the pace of technology that is allowing automation and mobility in almost all the processes we do. New grounds will be explored in IT as technology continues to innovate the way we do things.

“We have to think about how we can make it easier to generate insights and intelligence from all of this data in this rapidly digitising world, or what I call the foundation of digital transformation. It’s driving this technology led investment cycle that we think is key as IT has become an integral part of the business as well as intertwined in business decisions today.”

Jeff said that Dell’s approach in all these, places them in an advantageous position to deliver holistic solutions from the edge to the core to the cloud. Dell sees demand for these solutions to the point it gives them the rare opportunity to serve their customers better.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware concurs with Jeff, saying 81% of the workforce engages in work outside of their traditional office, with 76% working in two or more places. This means it’s a uniquely mobile working device that VMware needs to enable.

“IT needs a strategy that supports all these devices, and against all of those devices, all of those apps users need a consistent experience for tomorrow. It needs to support provisioning, deployment, processes that get the right devices with the right services and applications in the hands of your team. It requires seamless access for this consistent experience.”

He added that for IT, this needs to be secure. IT once deployed wants more visibility, more analytics and more ability to be able to deliver the right solutions. IT wants to able to look at those devices for the experience, the battery life, maturity, patches, upgrades that guarantees a modern user experience.

The Dell Technologies Unified workspace makes this a reality. It can deploy, secure, manage and support a full PC lifecycle and provision strategy powered by the cloud. Pat added that they'd taken more steps in security by ensuring the identity management in workspace consistently applies across devices and applications. The data is secure from the device to the core and the cloud where it resides.

“The cloud today is in a very interesting period in the industry. It’s not longer a case of public vs private. We live in a world that is more multi-cloud and hybrid, a world where organisations are investing more in their own data centres but wanting them to interoperate with public cloud resources. We see an increase and emerging set of edge resources, where workloads are migrating public cloud, on-premise and to the edge and being repatriated and managed across that environment. It truly is a hybrid world where public and hybrid need to work together seamlessly.”

The Dell Technologies Cloud powered by VMware removes the complexity and control the chaos in the increasingly multi-cloud world. It is hybrid done right. It delivers a consistent cloud operating model no matter where the workload resides, be it at the edge, public or private cloud.

The Dell Technology Cloud offers consistent infrastructure operations across all cloud environments, better cloud economics, the ability to deploy across both private and public cloud, a consistent set of value-added services, a global ecosystem of 4200 cloud providers to seamlessly extend cloud environment, support for PKS and containers and the ability for simpler financing. VXRail fully supports VMware cloud foundation, delivering a seamless experience across physical, virtual, public and private cloud.

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