Dell Technologies World 2019 Keynote We Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Dell Technologies World 2019 Keynote We Love it When a Plan Comes Together!

Michael Dell Opens DTW 2019

Dell Technologies World 2019 kicked off in Las Vegas today, with over 15,000 attendees, including 4000 business partners and 250 journalists all ready to hear the latest news and updates from this giant in the IT space.
Dell has always been a master of disruption; the initial business model was one of disrupting perceived wisdom on how to get desktop computers into the hands of users. Dell looked at a market and swam against the stream to find a “better way” to do things. Fast forward to 2019 and after years of building and acquiring we start to see the plan for the modern era come together.
Michael Dell jumped into his keynote reminding us that Dell’s 35th birthday is just around the corner. He told us that we are in a period of unprecedented and unmatched advancement, during the three and half decades that Dell has been in business, Michael believes that humankind has made astonishing progress. However, he assured us that the previous 35 years are just a pre-game for what’s about to come.
We were told to forget about driverless vehicles and 3D printed houses; the real progress will deliver human miracles, he painted a future where technology will be able to use neural implants and AI to cure deafness and blindness. He also acknowledged the risk that comes with such powerful technology but likened it to the same dilemma with have with all technology, right back to using fire as an example of something that can be used for good or bad.

CEO Huddle - Dell Technologies, VMware and Microsoft Share the Stage

It was a grand entrance with a grand theme, and we don’t doubt that he is right about where the technology is heading, but when we settled in to hear the announcements and deliverables that Dell will be offering customers, it came back to the infrastructure that will support the applications and innovations that will change the world.
But for Dell, the battle is about being the infrastructure provider of choice, and that is no longer about providing enterprise hardware in the old traditional ways. It’s about playing in a world that is born in the cloud and remaining relevant. To do that Dell had to disrupt itself to play in a market that it needs to disrupt. Dell’s transformation has been years in the making and the building blocks to get there have been part of a plan that even included a record-breaking technology company acquisition.
Earlier in the morning, we had been briefed by Tom Sweet Dell’s CFO, and he highlighted that the starting point for this transformation was over seven years ago when Michael Dell took the company private. This allowed them to execute for the long term and not have quarterly results dictate the company strategy.

Tom Sweet - Dell's CFO discusses the history that led to the company we see today.

We have to say; we are starting to see the wisdom of the plans pay off. Dell Technologies World is showing how Dell has pulled the strands together to offer a coherent strategy to provide infrastructure in an age that requires cloud, flexibility, rapid time to market development and huge consumption of data.
The strapline Dell is using at this conference is “from edge to core to cloud”, in truth they have some way to go before they get there, but the vision is sound, and they can argue they are further along this path than any other company.
The announcements on Day one all underpinned how dell is shifting to deliver infrastructure the way it needs to be consumed for business in the digital and sharing economies.

  • Dell Cloud Platform – for on-premise cloud with public cloud experience
  • Datacenter as a Service – where all the management of the data centre is delivered as a service but on-premise
  • Consume on-premise cloud technology using a cloud opex model
  • Run Vmware on Azure
  • Unified Workspace that uses AI to understand the productivity device and configuration a user needs then order it and have it delivered to the desk configured and ready to run.

The list goes on.

Dell Cloud built on VMware Cloud Foundation

These announcements are the culmination of years of planning; Dell is positioning to deliver technology as consumers need it. It was a philosophy that guided the original business model of “Selling PC’s Direct” but to do it today in the software-defined cloud-driven enterprise space is hugely complex and is a journey in its own right. Companies need to consume technology based on several factors including where the data is created, where the data needs to be stored, regulatory compliance, building an infrastructure to satisfy this requires a complex set of technologies and partnerships.

Customers tell Dell How They Need To Consume IT.

Judging by the announcements today, Dell has methodically built out the technologies and the partnerships to start to service the needs of the cloud and data-driven age.
It really does look like this long term plan is coming together!

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