Dell Technologies World 2018 Let The Wonder Commence

Dell Technologies World 2018 - Let the Wonder Commence

Melina Hwang – Group Publisher Asia Online Publishing Group



With figurative pen and paper in hand, this intrepid reporter is headed on a 24-hour journey from Sunny Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, to Sunny Las Vegas USA. As one of the most respected IT news portals in the region, Dell Technologies invited Data & Storage Asean to the other side of the world to understand what the company has in store for us in the near and perhaps not so near future. 

The event officially starts on Monday 30th April when I, along with mainstream and IT press from around the world, will join the mass of dell EMC users as we all get to see and hear first-hand from the people that lead the company, how the Dell Technologies vision is shaping out. 

We are fascinated to hear first-hand what the plans are. Speaking on and off the record to numerous Dell EMC employees in Malaysia and South-East Asia, we are witness to a range of commentaries. The integration of two massive and very different companies has not been easy. Company cultures more than technology is proving the more difficult aspect to integrate. However, in more recent months, the dust really is finally settling on the seismic merger. Employees seem more confident of their future and doubt has been replaced by purpose.   

Anecdotally, one of the major differences we are seeing is the Dell Technologies desire to embrace and work with ISVs. Built into their vision 2030, they have a massive role to play in working with innovators and disruptors to power their apps, AI and analytics as the world we live in transforms. 

That transformation is happening right before our eyes. Let's consider my journey to Las Vegas. At 6 am, I opened the ride share app on my phone and "summoned" a car to pick me up. Using the app, I was able to select the size of car to accommodate me and my luggage. I also knew the driver's name before he arrived and had an idea of how good a driver he is from the rating against his name on the app.  

While in the car on the way to train station, I opened a second app and booked my airport express train ticket. There was no need to pay the car driver cash when I arrived at the station. The app took care of that. I got out of the car and straight onto the train, getting through the platform barriers by scanning the QR code on my phone from the airport express train app.  

Once at the airport I pulled out my laptop and immediately logged into the free airport Wi-Fi and downloaded my emails ready to work on the flight.  

Now, as I type this article at 31000 feet, travelling at nearly 600mph, I have an internet connection (not free this time) which I will use to post this very article on our online news portal, sharing it with our readers even before I set foot in the US. 

That's a very different world of journalism, not just from my childhood, but from 5 short years ago. We really are in a period of digital and data-driven transformation, and according to Dell EMC, they have a large part to play in the ongoing changes. 

So how does a company that sells servers and disks, (albeit a lot of them) lay claim to being at the forefront of digital disruption and transformation. Well, we hope to shed more light on that over the next few days, as we learn the vision and the plans from the leaders we will hear and meet in Las Vegas.  

Of course, it's a little "trite" to refer to Dell EMC as a server and disk company. Anyone that even knows a little bit about them understands they are a beast of a technology company with an array of skills, people, technology, products and services to power any business in a data-driven age. 

The reality of my journey to Las Vegas graphically highlights some realities around IT infrastructure. The tech I used on my journey shows that "the edge" is fluid and it is becoming increasingly more so.  The datacentre is no longer a place or a building. It's ethereally crafted from technology that cannot be listed by geographical boundaries. Apps power business and they are how we get things done.  Mobility is a given, and business is underpinned by data analytics.  

All of this requires massive IT infrastructure built on a bleeding edge technology that bears no resemblance to the servers and storage arrays that used to be the foundation of the datacentres we built just a few short years ago. 

Today the building block of the datacentre is software. And it has to scale and flex to support this crazy data-driven mobile always-on world we have come to live in.

Over the next few days, I will listen to keynote speeches from Dell Technologies' senior execs including Michael Dell himself. I will have multiple one on one sessions with line of business VPs and Senior leadership from the Dell Technologies Asian organisation and will be reporting on it all. For those not as lucky as I to be able to make the trip, Data & Storage ASEAN hope to give you a first-hand glimpse (along with our commentary) of how Dell Technologies is planning to position themselves as a major player in our data-driven future.

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