Dell Technologies Announces New Addition to PowerStore Portfolio, Empowering Business Applications Up to The Edge

New storage requirements for organisations signify the need for a modernised IT platform. Especially in the current digital landscape, now data is not confined within the enterprise or the cloud, as they have to consider what is going on at the edge.

Talking about this in the Dell Technologies Power Chat, Danny Elmarji, Vice President, Pre-Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan, Dell Technologies started by saying that a huge percentage of the global GDP is being spent more and more on businesses trying to digitise their organisations. This is because according to Danny, 96% of digital leaders say that their ability to collect, analyse and act on data has made it easier for them to adapt and survive.

The need to process data in real-time has also increased as data is being generated on a huge scale. In fact, Danny said that more than 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside the data centre or cloud by 2022.

“There are going to be new problems that will arise with this, things like data management issues in order to deal with the automation. That's going to be occurring out at the edge. This ties back to the need for a centralised management and operation teams that are using both robots and intelligent workers to make this possible,” explained Danny.

He added that managing data at the edge is a huge opportunity for businesses to tap into. With that, Danny passed the discussion to Grainger Wallis, Senior Vice President, Cloud and Data Storage Solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan, Dell Technologies to talk about the strategies Dell Technologies is taking.

For Grainger, every organisation needs to be a digital organisation. To make digital transformation a reality, companies need strong leadership in order to change and drive their digital journey, empowerment of skills of their talents and a modernised platform that is able to execute such a transformation.

“Dell Technologies has a great world-class portfolio. It’s a mixture of sort of primary storage, unstructured storage and we're flexible enough to operate from mainframe to right through to containerisation, cloud-enabled up to the edge to harness the power of data,” said Grainger.

The next step for Dell Technologies is their PowerStore 500, a continuously modern and highly adaptable all-flash storage that takes enterprise performance and capabilities down to small and medium-sized customers, or simply what edge data needs.

In addition, Dell Technologies have also released the PowerStore 2.0 update, featuring a speed boost for every existing PowerStore model along with intelligent data reduction enhancements. It is equipped with the AppsON scale-out capability, ideal for data-intensive workloads in core or edge locations where infrastructure simplicity and density are required.

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