Data Warehousing The New Big Data

A Data Storage ASEAN Forum, sponsored by Oracle, on ‘Breaking Down Data Silos’, will be held in Penang at the G Hotel on the 14th of August. The forum which will feature content experts from both organisations, will look into detail at how todays Data Warehouse can benefit from becoming autonomous and propel an organisation to be a real powerhouse in this 4th Industrial age.

The focus of the Forum, with the sub heading of ‘Putting ALL Of Your Data To Work’, will look at finding that ‘Pot of gold’ that resides within the organisation in the form of un-tapped data collected. With the legacy thinking and infra that has siloed data into segments, initially preventing any type of data cross-referencing, this forum will discuss the how’s and why’s of breaking that mind set and leveraging the power of that data.

Although not as big as the hype around Big Data, Data Warehousing can be considered the hidden key to unlocking the true potential of all that siloed data. The forum will demonstrate how companies don't have to reach into the world of publicly created social data to find value, as the real value is likely to be hidden within the data created by your own company.

Speakers at the event include Ho Wei Keong, Principal Sales Consultant speaking on ‘Innovation Through Autonomous Cloud’ and Ravi Krishnan who is Principal Consultant at AOPG Insights, looking at ‘Investigating the Business ROI of a typical autonomous data warehouse deployment’.

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