Data Warehousing and Automation the Wave of the Future

The Data Storage ASEAN event, sponsored by Oracle, on ‘Breaking Down Data Silos', was held to a packed room at the G Hotel Penang on the 14th of August. The forum featured content experts from both organisations, on the power of Automating Data Warehousing to propel an organisation to be relevant in this 4th Industrial age.

‘Putting ALL Of Your Data To Work', which was the sub heading title, was a hot topic for participants who were all ears as Ho Wei Keong, Principal Sales Consultant spoke on ‘Innovation Through Autonomous Cloud' and delved into how the world is becoming more dependent on speed and security. He shared that when you need to do patching, it takes up many man hours and there's a possibility of missing a number of patches. This could result in a loophole for hackers to steal information from the company. However, with automation, the patching can be done fast and without flaws and therefore leaving no loopholes exposed.

That being said, just automation is not the be all and end all as mentioned by Wei Keong. Organisations need to be aware that they hold a vast amount of data, a ‘Pot of gold' if you will, that resides within the organisation in the form of un-tapped data collected. Data that has been lying dormant and not used either because it was stored away for many years or, due to old legacy thinking and infrastructure that has siloed data into segments. This would also prevent any type of data cross-referencing to leverage the power of that data.

Ravi Krishnan who is Principal Consultant at AOPG Insights, who spoke on ‘Investigating the Business ROI of a typical autonomous data warehouse deployment', went into the importance of showing C level management within the company, the value of the data. Because he reasoned, management will want to know the monetary gains and ROI of investing in a Data Warehousing technology. 

Although not as big as Big Data, Data Warehousing can be considered the hidden key to unlocking the true potential of all types of data, whether it is old, siloed or misplaced, with the use of machine learning and AI through automation. The forum showed how companies don't have to reach into the world of publicly created social data to find value, as the real value is likely to be hidden within the data created by your own company.

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