Commvault’s 2020 views on data management trends

2019 seemed to be an interesting year for Commvault. We highlighted a lot of their business activities especially on their acquisition of Hedvig in early September 2019. We received a lot of feedback on our article were then given the opportunity to speak to Don Foster, Vice President, Storage Solutions, Commvault, who explained further on the acquisition.
For 2020, Gary Lim, Director of System Engineering at Commvault shared with us some of his insights and predictions on data management and data protection trends that will shape the industry. Here’s what he had to say.   
Data management trends – Cloud data strategy is now an essential part of the playbook
In 2020, organisations will need to become more mature in their approach to cloud data strategy than ever before. Companies that may have been racing to move a majority of their applications and data to the cloud until now are rightly moving more slowly and strategically, even shifting workloads back to their on-premise data centres. Businesses across geographies and industries are re-evaluating which environment effectively balances their business objectives and workload requirements; realising not every workload needs to go to the cloud, while still enjoying the flexibility and cost value available.
Into 2020 and beyond, developing an overarching cloud data strategy will increasingly become a requirement to continue to be competitive for organisations across Asia Pacific. To optimise their cloud journeys, companies taking the first steps require better insight into their data in order to achieve maximum benefit from cloud deployment.
Data protection trends – Multi-Hybrid clouds will become the norm in 2020, so data protection becomes a critical requirement
As the trend for returning data to on-prem continues, the new norm for 2020 will be the requirement to manage data across multiple-hybrid clouds. More organisations are realising the value of deploying workloads on multiple cloud environments in order to adapt to minimise risk and achieve increased value. As organisations use multiple cloud vendors to achieve this, data management, access, and protection becomes a critical requirement.

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