Collaboration and Inclusion, Towards an Intelligent World 2030 – Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2021

Huawei’s top executives, including William Xu, Director of the Board and President of Huawei's Institute of Strategic Research, and Eric Xu, Huawei's Rotating Chairman, opened this year’s virtual Huawei Global Analyst Summit discussing the theme “Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent World”.

Starting the event, William talked about the challenges that will affect social well-being over the next decade. He also mentioned that there is an increasing need for technology solutions that not only prolong life but also improve the quality of life in the next decade. These include:

  1. Defining 5.5G to support hundreds of billions of different kinds of connections.

  2. Developing nanoscale optics for an exponential increase in fibre capacity.

  3. Optimising network protocols to connect all things.

  4. Providing advanced computing power strong enough to support the intelligent world.

  5. Extracting knowledge from massive amounts of data to drive breakthroughs in industrial AI.

  6. Going beyond von Neumann architecture for 100x denser storage systems.

  7. Combining computing and sensing for a hyper-reality, multi-modal experience.

  8. Enabling people to proactively manage their health through continuous self-monitoring of personal vital signs.

  9. Building an intelligent Internet of Energy for the generation, storage and consumption of greener electricity.

“We have to address energy and health management, which are two domains that we engage in and we have set goals for ourselves. We have to pull together our wisdom and to address these challenges facing humanity; Huawei is not working on this alone”, he added.

William said that Huawei is realising innovation in an open, inclusive, and collaborative way. According to him, Huawei is working with universities and research institutes, providing funds for the research programs, and building labs across the globe as means of open collaboration in innovation.

For William, with imagination, we can see the future, but with technology, we can get there.

Supporting this objective, Eric then began his keynote with the five strategic initiatives of Huawei this year, moving towards reaching their goals for 2030. According to him, Huawei will:

  • Optimise its portfolio to boost business resilience. As part of these efforts, Huawei will strengthen its software capabilities and invest more in businesses that are less reliant on advanced process techniques, as well as in components for intelligent vehicles.

  • Maximise 5G value and define 5.5G with industry peers to drive the evolution of mobile communications.

  • Provide a seamless, user-centric and intelligent experience across all user scenarios.

  • Innovate to reduce energy consumption for a low-carbon world.

  • Address supply continuity challenges.

“We believe deeply in the power of digital technology to provide fresh solutions to the problems we all face. So, we will keep innovating and driving digital transformation forward with our customers and partners to bring digital to every person, home, and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world”, concluded William.

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