Coho Data OS upgrade now comes with VMware features

Web-scale flash vendor Coho Data has updated DataStream to v2.5 bringing performance improvements to the entire platform, enabling customers to utilize all of the latest offerings from VMware while achieving the highest IOPS-per-dollar for their flash investment. The company is also introducing its new Elastic Subscription Program to redefine how enterprises purchase and deploy their private cloud storage.
The DataStream FlashFit technology allows storage admins to deliver the right amount of flash for each application by learning about a customer’s unique application environment and auto-tuning flash utilization. The DataStream automatically optimizes the placement of application data across the DataStream system, providing IT teams with a model on the right mix of flash and disk to meet their specific application’s needs.
With the option of new 8TB drives, the hybrid Coho DataStream 1008h can deliver double the density, increasing total capacity from 25TB/U to 50TB/U while maintaining consistent performance of 90,000 IOPS/U. With these improvements, companies can increase capacity while still maintaining the predictable high performance delivered across the DataStream system.
Support VMware vSphere v6 means Coho Data customers can now rely on a single storage system to support all their VMware needs. It also allows customers to leverage Coho Data solutions to virtualize a broader range of applications and take advantage of the latest features from VMware, such as new migration capabilities.
Customers can now support multiple vCenter installations and connect all their vCenters across multiple versions of VMware software into the Coho DataStream
Coho Data also unveiled a new Elastic Subscription Program for private cloud environments. It will allow customers to conserve capital and pay for their solutions monthly rather than incurring a large upfront capital expenditure. As customers experience growth within their private cloud datacenters, rather than incur large, unexpected storage costs with traditional architectures, they can simply adjust their subscription to easily add the additional performance or capacity they require and benefit from the hardware best prices available.

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